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    Is he waging war against the Central Government?

    If a chief minister visits Delhi to campaign against his political rivals to make his party's No confidence motion against the government of India gets approved in the Lok Sabha, no issue. But a leader with much political experience appears to have failed to follow the very basic principles of governance by giving a Power point presentation to the media about the failure of the Government to fulfill the promises made to his state after bifurcation.

    Yes, I stand by what I say here. Thee chief minister of Andhra Pradesh could have met the President and other constitutional authorities and appraised them of the above lacuna by the Central government. By briefing to the media with a Power point presentation, what he is going to achieve? If every CM of the opposition ruled states starts such practice, is it healthy for our federal system of democracy? It is a frustrated attempt to malign the Government. He talked continuously about the utilization certificate rendered by his Government for the grant-in-aid given to the state. Does the simple rendition of a certificate suffice without furnishing the details to what purpose they have really been expended? I think it is not a platform to display all the things to the media and won't serve any purpose except to widen the gap between the state and the center. If he speaks in the capacity of a Party president, it is a different issue but not appears so. Is he waging war against the Central Government?
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    I feel it is definitely a war against the central government only. While going to Delhi he told in his discussions with all other members, MLAs and MPs that he is going to Delhi to discuss with other parties and ask them about the support to the no-confidence motion. He is of the feeling that whatever he is telling is correct and people has to accept. But as mentioned by the author he might have made the facts open by giving a detailed presentation or a white paper to all the concerned to show his correctness.
    There is a feeling that Telangana Chief Minister openly revolted against the Central Government and the rumour is going on in the public that he wanted to shift to Delhi to make way to his son to become CM. But I feel Naidu is also having a similar intention that is why like water under the mat he may be trying to penetrate to Delhi.
    One thing is sure in our country these days people who are involved in active politics will have a hidden agenda. Some people's agenda will become public but some people move forward without allowing others to notice.

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    The Central Government failed to honor the commitments it made to the Andhra Pradesh. Before blaming the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, one has to take into account the way the Central Government treated the Andhra Pradesh State. The Telugu Desam Party and its chief Chandrababu Naidu kept quiet for four years as they are allies of the NDA government. The Finance Minister and the BJP President made allegations against the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. They could have discussed the matter with Mr.Naidu. Instead, they started wild allegations.In the first instance, the way the Central Government treated Andhra Pradesh is very bad. Mr. Naidu's comments are not out of frustration but out of humiliation. I do not find anything wrong with the conduct of Mr.Naidu as the people of Andhra Pradesh are feeling cheated. The BJP is going to pay a heavy price for its attitude. Mr.Naidu is certainly waging a war against the Central Government and the BJP party as his very existence in the State is becoming politically precarious.
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    In the federal structure of the country, no political party ruling in any state can survive without a direct or indirect cooperation from/with the centre. If N. Chandrababu Naidu forgets this, he will create the way of his own downfall.
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    I don't find any fault in Mr.Chandra Babu's action and protest. When the promise made in the Parliament is dishonored, the Central government run by BJP is humiliating the people of A.P. and not even allowing to tell the difficulties with in the parliament, the BJP fans talking about federal structure leaving all democratic norms is a shameful thing. In federal system no one told the ruling party only to support their own ruled states and show step motherly treatment to other states. For dishonouring the promises made to a State the by the parliament political parties have to feel shame for not full filling the promises especially the governing BJP. The central attitude is where it gets votes it give notes (funds). If the Center is doing injustice to state can't they express their anguish or they have to speak some sweet words as like the fans of BJP? A party which is trying to escape no confidence motion in the Parliament can it hear the dignified ways of protesting as mentioned by the author?

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    It is wrong to say that Chandrababu Naidu is waging a war. He is asserting the rights of the state which has failed to get the promises made in the state re-organisation act and thus seeking special status as promised by the centre and passed in the Parliament supported by all parties. In politics there can be vengeance attitude but when it comes to promises and commitment, the centre has duty bound to adhere it. By the way what is stopping BJP to announce special status to the state when all the parties are supporting it including the Congress. And I am predicting negative impact for this fall out action for not adhering to their own promises. Surely BJP is not liked by the people of South as on today as the way the party has been following the rules of non cooperation with the febderal states and there is a saying "vinasha Kalay viparitha Buddhi" , may be BJP destined to be defeated next time in the elections.
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    This type of dissatisfactions are to be highlighted either in the parliament by the party personnel or to the presidential chair. Simply advertising it in media may not bring the desired result except cheap popularity.

    Media will also try to exploit such outcries in order to increase their telecast TRP.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In the federal structure of the country, the Central Government should honor its commitments to the States. It is the duty of the government to fulfill the promises given on the floor of the Parliament. The cooperation between the Central Government and the State Governments should be based on the accepted norms but not on loyalty to the ruling party.
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    Today the news is that Chandrababu Naidu has made a presentation to the journalists and media persons and shown all the details of the sanctions made by Central Government and what are the promises made by them. How far they have helped the State in coming out of the problems happened in the division. With this, the doubts I have in my mind are gone and I now genuinely feel that he making a big attempt to get the help from the centre as promised.
    The MPs of the party are making their best efforts to get the help. At the same time, it is of no use meeting president or Vice President. Because they don't have any voice to say. Because Mr.Venkaih was supporting AP and trying to pressurise Modi for the help, he was sidelined by making him Vice President.
    Another factor is why the PMO is giving such an importance to YSRCP. This is a fact which no one is able to understand. BJP as such is not strong in South. Now with this step-motherly attitude, they will become further week.
    The central governemnt should honour the commitments made and they should see that AP will get the due.

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    I really enjoyed the comment at #632164 because that is exactly what our PM said a few days back. We have a government at the center that will support only those who stand with them. But, please be aware that they are letting things go from their hands; all they need is power at any cost. I read news reports today that the call for Dravidian stream is getting stronger. It is a dangerous trend and we need to be cautious. Shri Modi should come out of his celebrity status and understand the people in India. Why can't he talk to Shri Chandrababu or whosoever? Is it his policy that he will hug and discuss with foreign dignitaries only (with no use, of course!).
    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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    I am elated by the previous response (#632193)! That is the precise reason behind the saying "wise men think alike". Even people having common sense will think in the same manner, but another saying: "common sense is the most uncommon thing in the world".

    "Shri Modi should come out of his celebrity status and understand the people in India. Why can't he talk to Shri Chandrababu or whosoever? Is it his policy that he will hug and discuss with foreign dignitaries only (with no use, of course!)."- This response in no doubt erudite! Modi, the most popular leader does not feel the pulse of the people of India. Rahul-ji definitely understands it which is proved by his innumerable faux pus.

    Modi will discuss with foreign dignitaries without any result, but Rahul-ji definitely gave result when he met Chinese Ambassador at the time of Doklam issue., instead of supporting the country's Prime Minister.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Partha, should we be so childish to bring in Rahul and Modi into the discussion? Can't we be more mature, as voters who decide the destiny of our Nation, and discuss issues fruitfully? I do think we need to. Let us not be blinded by the color of flags!
    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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    Mr. Ganesh! I was discussing the centre-state relationship in a federal structure. And a Member named Mr. Saji Ganesh brought Mr. Modi into the picture. As an Editor, you may check the previous responses. Now the same Member is crying wolf. I am more amused. Who is childish?
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    If the same trend continuous by PM, the south Indian people will go against and the concept of north and south will become stronger and at any angle that is not a good development. So the government should think logically and keep some good people from the south with them. BJPs hold here is very less and it will further lessen the hold.
    The YSRCP and PAWAN may support BJP. But people are not fools to go with such type of people.

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    Here I am not talking about politics as every party has its own political agenda to face the Election 2019 and everyone is aware of the smart politicians of this country. My questions is landing at the National capital and trying to challenge the Central Government by calling the Media, giving them a Power Point presentation with all his expertise just as he used the floor of the assembly few days before. He visited Delhi 29 times and never bothered to have a courtesy visit and expressing solidarity to Aravind Kejriwal, his counterpart in Delhi who was fighting for complete statehood. Now the same CM had a breakfast with AK and see the change.

    The intent is very clear. Both the CM and the leader of opposition of AP have their own election game plan where Jagan Reddy appears to be leading ahead with his 'Padyaatra'. The trio - Naidu, Jagan and Pawan took four years to realise the necessity of Special status to the state and never objected to the Government's decision of backing out SCS. If I recall correctly, Jagan and Pawan gave call for a candle march based on the spirit of Jaliikatti , Jagan was sent back from the runway itself in the same plane after landing. How can the CM can claim his actions to be correct? Being a CM for three tenures in Gujarat, the PM is well aware of the usage of grant-in-aid and rendition of utility certificates and he would be having his own reports from various departments.

    I don't want to dwell more on the subject but what I feel is that the Media at present is only after TRP ratings and not free from bias. As such , he should have avoided the visual briefing to them. If someone is so transparent, better give them the information under RTI. But the relationship between Cenetre and state should be maintained properly and not a game of politics.


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    By briefing the media with power point presentation Chandrababu Naidu has put the BJP in catch 22 position and really cornering the party in such a way that it wont get single seat from the South. When BJP was in opposition it batted for separate state and even acceded. And in one of the meeting the PM Modi did promise special status to AP for having elected TDP BJP government in AP in the presence of then Minister Venkaiah Naidu. When Venkaiah Naidu was pressurizing the center to accede to the request of special status, he was suddenly shifted and given the post of VP and shut his mouth. Now the VP has no face to visit the AP for ever. Even today If Chandrababu Naidu wants to succeed in his mission of getting special status to AP, he must meet VP and prevail upon him to resign and thus BJP would humiliated to the hilt and has to bow.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think, soon BJP would realize the set of figures of accounted expenses (or rather unaccounted money) and the funds were given by the center. It's just a matter of time.

    Each one is playing the cards for their own survival, having breakfast or a friendship with people who can potentially for a stronger opposition against the center be inline with the endpoint.

    With regards to using the media and a powerpoint presentation, this ensures that Mr.Naidu and the party have a good chance of winning the next election, it also fractures the electorate.

    Reaching out to media in an unusual way has been done by many politicians and authorities too.To me party hopping and forming alliances is always not in the best interest of the people but just a political tact. If the Cm really wants to sort this issue, they need to have an all-party delegation meeting the PM and put the case forward for AP.

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    BJP has never a got a base in the South. It is likely to surge in the Eastern state Odisha as the Congress lost its base completely in the state. While in AP, it was the BJP and the Modi wave that helped TDP to win the elections in 2014, else the YSR Congress would have won as it lost with a slight margin of just 0.3% votes as per the overall vote percentage. Even in 1999 also, TDP won the elections with the alliance of BJP under Vajpai. So, TDP and BJP both got mutually benefited with the alliance. Now the BJP's strategic approach would be to forge an alliance with some strongholds like Rajani's party in TN, YSRC or Pawan's Janasena in AP to get some seats in South and they are not bothered for good number of seats in the region as they have no base at all. It's the masterstroke of the seasoned and dynamic leader Chandrababu Naidu by hitting at the Centre at time when elections are ahead and evoked the sentiment among the people of AP.

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    Giving presentations in public media won't do any Favor for that Party. It will decrease their powers in that state. As Chandrababu Naidu is not able to withstand the BJP fireworks because they are only eager to make power with other parties and want to emerge as a big power in the 2019 elections. All of them are eagerly waiting to get a stand in the 2019 LokSabha Elections.
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    BJP is not having any stronghold in the south. It is true. So they are trying to get more seats in the other areas and whatever seats they get in the south is a bonus for them. This is the thought process in the brains of the top two of BJP. They want to improve their count in Odisha. This is the reason they are not announcing a special zone Visakhapatnam as it may have a negative effect in Odisha.
    But Naidu is trying without leaving any stone unturned. The people of Andhra Pradesh are very much annoyed with the step-motherly nature of BJP towards the state. If CM Naidu still supports these people he may also have a loss in his account. As such he has gone after BJP now.
    In politics, there are no permanent friends or permanent foes. When Modi was the CM of Rajasthan, Naidu criticized him for some of his actions. Later they have become friends and again they are opposite. As Kejriwal was an opponent to BJP so far as rule of friendship Naidu never called on him. Even now the Delhi CM came and met him in AP Bhawan.

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    I am deeply impressed by the political acumen of Mr. Patro expressed in this response (#632307). He has brilliantly analysed the political situation. It is very true that NCN-led TDP could come to power in Andhra Pradesh only because of the support of BJP. Otherwise, the TDP would not be able to come to power. Now this shrewd leader has been trying to remain in power by blackmailing BJP.
    Mr. Patro has very correctly stated that in Orissa also BJP is becoming more popular. In West Bengal, from a little known political party, BJP has become the largest opposition party in terms of vote percentage and it is seriously challenging the ruling TMC's communal, minority appeasing, destructive politics in the state. Same is applicable in Kerala also. The party is becoming bigger by the leadership quality of some very prudent leaders and innumerable sacrifice by the cadres.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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