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    To succeed in life you need two things ignorance and confidence do you agree?

    To succeed in life you need ignorance and confidence because with sheer ignorance we can imagine and assume new things and that may come to reality and the other is confidence which gives immense power to lead in a right way and also easily jump over hurdles.Do you think to succeed in life you need two things ignorance and confidence? Do you agree with this?
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    Yes I agree with the author fully and can give one example which . Long back in our area, there was a pehelwan ( rowdy sheeter ) who has the habit of harassing people and business community and demanded money now and then and there was no control of his actions even by police as he would be arrested, gets good treatment even in jail and released soon. And after coming out he shall take vengeance on those who were reasons for his arrest. Having seen this type of rude character, a boy of just 16 years who was very short when compared to the height of the so called pehelwan, just slapped him on the face in full public view when he was demanding money from the boy who was selling some fruits on his push card. That is the end of the dadagiri era of the pehelwan. Now every body started supporting the boy and even elevated t new dada style. So ignorance and confidence played the role here.
    K Mohan
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    Nicely said. Ignorance makes us think anything is possible and confidence makes everything possible. So both combined will able to make us successful.
    But can we apply on that in real life? No. Can you stay ignorant? Ignorance is bliss. But we don't want to be happy. We want to achieve knowledge. We can't unhear rumors,facts,promises and advices. We cannot stay ignorant willingly or unwillingly.
    We can atleast try to be confident.

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    I agree with the author that we need ignorance and confidence to get success in life. One more thing I want to add is 100% effort is needed to get success. Without 100% effort, you will never get success. I remember the quote " successful person does not do unique things they do the things uniquely."
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    Ignorance is a boon in some aspects. it is always better than half knowledge. But the person who is ignorant to should have the capability of thinking. Once he is ignorant but thinks about various issues can think out of the box and that will help him in finding out solutions which many knowledgeable people think that impossible. Another attribute that is confidence is a must for all to win the battle. An attempt with no confidence will never be successful So confidence is the key to success. Being confident will make us think very positively about the job at hand and we always will try how to get out of the obstacles and reach the goal. This attitude will make the person succeed. A very nice thought which a knowledgeable person thinks impossible
    always confident

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    Confidence, I agree is important to suceed in life. Ignorance can be a boon or a bane depending on the scenario.

    Confidence, gives a positive approach to a problem, a goal or a task at hand. This enables the person to putting in efforts, have a mind that is free of overt anxiety, worry and fear (these rob the individual's chances of doing well or performing to his/her full capabilities)

    The same cannot be said for Ignorance,in the wrong situation, ignorance can mean potential harm. Even worse is ignorance and over-confidence. There are many instances of trekkers (with over-confidence and ignorance) in forest sadly getting killed by wild elephants, getting lost in unfamiliar territory. People getting drowned a few feet away from river banks etc.

    I can list many more examples but the bottom line is, Confidence is good, ignorance is like a double edged sword;but a good dose of ingnorance and over-confidence can be the cause on one's own suffering and not success.

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    Success is a matter of perfect combinations of efforts & the circumstances.

    If the above comes together then the opportunities works for us or else we will be missed from the chapter while letting us keep on guessing about what couldn't go right. So I would be of the intentions that one has to be well focused in his aim & approach because everything matters here.

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    There are people who always demand money from the people. Such incidents happen due to ignorance and people who are confident can overcome this situation if we believe in our values. Like Mohan Sir said a slap from the boy made that man understand that people can change after one incident. To be successful in life, we need to have confidence and also find ways to emerge in career and also in life.
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