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    Is it possible to have a double decker auto?

    Have you ever thought how useful would it be if we had double decker autos? Can you imagine the utilities? Have you seen double decker autos? Share your thoughts here?

    As we see the various ways of the road transport bus there is a double decker bus, Trains double-decker trains, and 7-seated autos and we have not seen double decker autos. Are you aware of double decker autos and have you seen any of that kind is it possible to have a double-decker auto in real time? As the passenger can have a ladder to sit on the top of the Auto. Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    What a wild idea from the author and I just got lots of laughter after reading the headlines. First of all the auto runs on three wheels with great precision of balancing and it all depends on the driver to navigate rightly, otherwise the auto can turn turtle at every turning it does. As the four wheeler are easy to turn and get past, autos cannot turn their vehicles that easily and if passengers are inside, the task becomes further more responsible and has to be driven with much care. We have been seeing many autos turning turtle with school children in the autos as passengers and their bags weight would cause the vehicle to loose balance and hence turn turtle. So in view of above the autos cannot have the double Decker facility and that would prove dangerous for the driver and passengers. Moreover the auto engine has the capacity to pull three plus one people and it cannot be over loaded.
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    There is the problem of balance shifting. With just three wheels, the taller the auto is, the easier for it to fall. But if we make a fundamental design change giving auto four tyres like cars, then the thought can be given a consideration.
    But can we do that? Autos engine is similar to a bike engine. It cannot take such load.
    But increasing the space of auto longitudinally is possible to a degree.
    Actually in Philippines there's an auto like transport called Tuk-Tuk locally. It's just a bike attached to an engine-less auto. Sometimes this Tuk- Tuk has another attachment as an auto itself. Isn't that a double decker horizontally?
    So....your idea can be accomplished but not in the way you imagine.

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    In my opinion, practically it is not possible to have double-decker auto. There is the problem in balancing, permit, etc. Generally, auto riksha have the permission of 3 seats so, there is a permission problem also.
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    We can surely have a double decker auto provided we design and change the construction of the present autos. We need to increase the length breadth and the height . The width of the front tyre should be abnormally big to balance the auto. The engine should be of high horse power to pull the extra load. Else the speed of the auto will be reduced.

    Where there is a will(wheel), always there is a way. I really appreciate your dream of double decker auto.

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    Stability will be an issue until unless the whole design is modified to accommodate so many people and also to bring the center of gravity to the lowest possible point.

    In that case it may look like a higher width car with low floor level and hardly a space to cramp inside the both of the levels.

    The idea is new and unique but will require lot of innovation to bring it to commercial reality.

    The author has brought out a good idea for us to ponder over and give opinion on it.

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    Double decker auto rickshaws are possible but not manufactured because it will increase selling price of the auto.

    However, in many areas particularly in semi-urban areas, the auto rickshaw drivers overload the vehicle for carrying more than the passengers which can be accomodated in a double decker auto.

    Regarding travelling on the rooftops, many passengers travel on the roof of the railway trains also.

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    So far I have not seen the double-decker auto or I never heard about it. I will be thinking about the practicality of this.
    Basically, all autos are three-wheelers and the top is not a rigid one.So as such in the present condition, I think it is not possible to have an auto double decker. But nothing is impossible in this world. There can be a way out. Recently we are seeing Tata Aces with closed bodies live a van.That is actually an extension of auto. In that version, I think we can think of a double.decker auto. The safety features in auto are very less and always there are chances for accidents by the turnaround. So this accept is to be addressed properly for which the mechanical engineers can think and with the latest development of electronics for controls they can find out a way to address this problem. So I am very optimistic about this and a day will soon come and we may see the autos of such nature travelling on the roads. Good thought by the author.

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    When, as a common man, I desist traveling in the available autos, asking me to subscribe to double-decker autos is something that is beyond my imagination. Let us leave alone the technical part etc, I don't think it is and would be possible.

    Hats off to the author for his Utopian imagination! I wonder how people can have such unrealistic thoughts.

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    To me double decker auto means, more passengers, more fare money for the auto driver. In many parts of Bangalore, this is already happening. We have normal autos carrying double the number of passengers and luggage for one and half meter charge. Also is the peripheral areas of many cities, autos double up as school vans and have more number of children. With the present design, it would be difficult to accomodate a double decker auto, if the vehicle is altered, then it would need 4 wheels insted of 2 wheels.

    'sitting on the top of the auto'. I've seen people sitting on top of trains, and village shuttle buses, but not an auto.
    Who knows, what can happen in the future?

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    I agree with few of the authors above as size does matter. In the same size there won't be balancing enough to run on the roads.

    But this also to be noted that we are experiencing the things around us that seemed not possible only a few decades back. So we can't deny the possibilities that some day this becomes the fact.

    Through the author we just got some imagination that this could be the future. But this might also be the possibility that this had already been tried before somewhere else. May be we are discussing some fantasy thing here but who knows that seeds already got germinated.

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    I do not know whether the author has really seen it or its modified version already exists in google images. Only he has to say whether it is his own imagination or asked after seeing physically/virtually. But it is said, it is beyond physics though someone modified to have a top seat there is no steps or ladder to climb.
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    If I want to google I have to get an Idea without an Idea how can I google for the same?Yesterday I was traveling in a pool Auto the Auto had a sticker 4 in All but the auto driver was running against the rules where he accommodated 6 people(including the driver) So I asked him is it legal then he said no he will be fined if Traffic police caught then I asked with ignorance why can't we have a double-decker auto then he laughed. The same thing I wrote here.
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    Before we think of a double decker auto, we should think about a double decker van or car or jeep(small four wheelers)
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    It was a good idea from the author. Autorickshaws are having only 3 balanced tires which make it difficult to balance if we are having double-decker autos. People who travel in Auto need to take proper care because the vehicles are going with high speed which causes difficulty for the driver and gets into the accident. Double Decker Auto's are big risks on our highways and it is very difficult to manage the weight of the people sitting in lower level.
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    #632320 Because auto occupies less space on narrow roads like Hyderabad a double-decker auto will be more useful and meaningful.
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