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    C&AG says twelve Delhi projects surrendered 100% funds

    I simply fail to understand. The Delhi Government spends huge amount of sum in advertising its achievements. The Chief Minister and another three prominent leaders of the ruling party tender unconditional apology to Shri Arun Jaitley and request him to withdraw defamation case against them so that they can enable themselves to devote government work. But on the other hand, the Government allows 100% of the sanctioned amount to be returned, unutilized.

    No, this is not a wild allegation of any Modi-bhakt. The C&AG in its latest report has indicated that the Delhi Government could not spend a single rupee in twelve projects and it surrendered 100% of the allocated amount (Rs. 385.4 crores) in these projects. The total surrendered amount is Rs. 2206 crores in forty-four projects including some major projects in health, development, public works and education sectors.

    May be the Delhi AAP MLAs are very tired after giving a thrashing to the Chief Secretary, so they don't find time to take part in developmental activities in their area.
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    This is very unfortunate for the people of Delhi. APP MLA s are rowdy and do not have a zeal for development. They want power by any means and have enough time to impose baseless allegations on BJP MP/MLAs.
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    This is what I am not able to understand. On one hand, the Delhi CM is criticising the BJP government in Centre and he is not able to utilise the funds given them for the development of Delhi.
    AP Chief Minister is struggling to get funds from Center and Delhi Chief Minister is not able to use the funds allotted. What an irony. The people who are having food to eat can't digest the eaten food and a hungry man is not able to get the minimum food to get his hunger down.
    Probably the CM of Delhi is busy in attending the courts for the cases lodged by various people against the bad allegations made by this gentleman. Now he is not finding the time and trying to say sorry and trying to get the complaints withdrawn. Let us see after some time he may be able to concentrate on the administration of the state.

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    It is the bad governance of a bad and inefficient government that it cannot think of developing the state even though funds are allotted. Such a party should not rule the state but quit. If they don't quit, people of the state should teach them a lesson by not voting for such inefficient party incapable to rule a state.
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    If I have to look at one good thing from this event, I should be glad that the money has been returned 100% honestly and not siphoned off showing phony paper projects. There would be many government departments struggling to have funds to meet the financial year or if there is excess, they would use it soon so that next year they get the same or more. Funds meant for public work, if not used means that progress and public betterment projects have not happened.

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    Why Arvind Kejriwal is not able to make developments in the State?. All his MLA's are the rowdy person and creating more problems for the party. Recently he is been apologizing to every person he has done wrong. If these go on like this how will the developments happen in the Delhi state? They are not able to spend a single amount of money for the projects and how can Aam Aadmi Party grow if such incidents happen again and again. He is violently protesting against the BJP government and he is not having time to do projects in hassle manner. No political parties can win in this situation.
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