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    Are all gravies same in restaurants?

    When you order a dish in a restaurant,it is on your table in no time.we are happy that the service of the hotel is excellent. Whereas the same dish prepared at home takes a long time,say two hours at least.
    Have you wondered if the dish served to us is freshly prepared,or the base of curries is the same.The vegies already done,only a fresh look is given to the dish and served. All things partially prepared and as we order a particular dish,it comes out with a dash of cream and butter and toppings.we pay a hell lot for the dish and go home happily ,having a dinner out.

    Please put forth your ideas on this topic.Is it healthy and hygienic to have food in restaurants?Is there any way we can check this,after all we are paying for it and as a consumer should we ask details of what we eat?
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    Yes, I agree with the author that the gravies are same in restaurants. As far as health is the concern it is not advisable to eat in restaurants. They use more spices to make the food tasty some of them are harmful to us. Some restaurant does not concentrate on hygiene which is very necessary for the health. Generally, eat food in the restaurant once a month is not a problem but to eat regularly in the restaurant is not good for health.
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    I don't feel that the gravies remains the same in every restaurants. Instead in my opinion, this goes on changing from place to place as well.

    The cooking depends upon the recipes. And for each restaurants the recipes would be different. And because of this we only aware of few of the hotels or the restaurants wherein we still wants to have food & not open to all. In reference to the hygienic conditions, this depends upon the type of entities that we are visiting. Adding, that except for our home, this goes on more or less missing anywhere else.

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    All the restaurants will keep semi-finished items ready for serving the orders quickly. Some common items will be kept ready. They will keep the rice ready. Once you order fried rice or biryani they make that food with already cooked rice so the preparation will be ready quickly. Chutneys, Saambar and gravies will be kept ready. When you order for a food they will serve these items as required as per the custom with the food.
    Coming to question of health, eating out regularly will spoil your health and appetite. Once in a while with all family members going to a restaurant of standard and eating there may not be a problem provided your purse can afford it. But eating in roadside hotels where there will not be any hygienic conditions is not at all good. They may create many health problems.

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    Most of the restaurants used items which are ready to cook or half cooked. Some foods are prepared in advance will be kept in the oven. It only needs some minutes to again cook for few minutes and the dish will be presented at our table. Eating outside on every day is not advisable. It is better to have food from outside only once in a week. They use more oils and contents which cause more fat. Whatever food we get from the restaurant we can't tell it is hundred percent perfect. The people who order needs to smell or just take a spoon and eat and then only we can understand whether food is good or not.
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    If you have decided to eat in a restaurant, we cannot and should not ask for the details of preparations. We need to look at the menu card and order the dish we require. That's all. If the dish served was good, appreciate. If bad, make a complaint to the hotel management. We may ask them to taste the food. Generally, in hotels, everything is kept ready to make an ordered dish to serve fast.
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    I think it depends on the level of restaurants also. I have seen in some high end restaurants that preparation time is also mentioned in the menu cards which may range up to 30 minutes or even 45 minutes in some cases.

    However, in roadside dhabas they take much shorter time in delivering the dishes primarily because they keep very popular dishes ready and others in semi-cooked state.

    As far as gravy is concerned, generally it is same in cheap type of restaurants but in the sophisticated restaurants they prepare customised dishes on receipt of order.

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    It's unhealthy to eat every day outside, hygiene is not a major issue if you select the restaurants. There are many some entrepreneurs now offering decent quality simple food for office lunches at an affordable price. There are many healthy options including salads, healthy millets, and nuts.

    As far as the actual preparation goes, we should not be so naive in thinking that everything will be made from scratch in about 10 minutes. The components of most dishes would be kept ready, certain parts would remain the same and then serve hot with a quick mix and match based on what we order. Few dishes would share the basic gravy in varying quantities.

    It's an interesting concept that we should know what's in our dishes but I've never seen anyone ask about the preparation or checking in the kitchen.

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    In a restaurant or a hotel there are many customers coming to eat food .Hence to make things easy they keep some food half cooked or use common gravy paste for most of the dishes. As compared to home food it tastes different .Many people go at such places because of the different exotic taste .These food might or might not taste better than home cooked food. However many like the tasty and spicy food at restaurants. If Hygiene is maintained while preparing food is a question of ignorance to many. Since we do not get to peep in their kitchen it remains a question . Many times it becomes a reason for catching up with friends or meeting people outside.

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