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    Is it right to blame 'Manusmriti' instead of correcting ourselves?

    The nationwide protest against the SC ruling on SC/ST Atrocities Act has raised new curtains in the ongoing debate about the issue. One of the Panelists in a News channel went on blaming 'Manusmriti' for the present state of affairs in this country. As we all know that the primary four communities were segregated based on the profession and the division of castes and sub-castes had been shaped up by our ancestors in the later part.

    But what surprises me is that our leaders' political aspirations and intentions which brought to this state of affairs were not criticised and poor 'Manu' was put to blame. These politicians go on competing each other to raise the quota of reservations and try to blame a political party tagging it with religion and all get united to throw the blame on someone. It is not late, we have to take care of the deprived classes of the society and should continue it till they get a space to survive on their own but not to the creamy layer of the same sect to enjoy the benefits forever. Don't blame Manu or someone but try to correct ourselves and build a new and healthy society. Isn't it?
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    Time to time the great leaders or social personalities frame some rules for the society to follow and history is witness to such episodes.

    Manu was one of the personalities who influenced the social system and society to a large extent and what he did at that time was as per his perception and approval of the king or whatever authority at that time must had been taken to implement that.

    All those stipulations may not be befitting in the present day society and accordingly the modern Govt had done many reforms and taken steps to eradicate those evils in the society.

    As every measure taken gives rise to new controversies and some clever people are already there to exploit them, these anamolies remain.

    There are some people who want to take political mileage out of these controversies and gullible people follow them without understanding the crux of problem.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Appreciations for Jagadish Patro. The creamy layer in the reserved categories are enjoying the benefit of reservations and really deserving cases are not even knowing the facilities given by the government to them. This point has been made by me in my posts in this section many times and the same is also felt by the LE. This is the fact what is happening in India.
    There is a saying our forefathers were drinking ghee now we are just tasting their mouths. This is the fate many unreserved category people in India. The actual culprits are our politicians who always want to get votes by developing caste feelings and religious feelings in the people. Otherwise, they can't survive. What will Manu will do know. Where are the castes now? No person is interested in castes now.
    No one is asking to withdraw reservations to really deserving cases but not to the same family again and again. Father is Collector under reservation category and mother is also a doctor under reservation category. In such case why their children should have reservations?

    always confident

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