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    Why do we need summer holidays?

    The schools have finished exams, families and children are all free. Most people whom I know have already planned or actually started their summer holidays. We just had our short break, we thoroughly enjoyed it. I realized how we have evolved with the concept of annual holidays for families. It has become sort of integral part of every family's annual program. I thought I'll ask the Why component about summer holidays? It would mean different things for children, singles, families and grandparents. Let's hear some thoughts!
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    During our age old history, we never had heard of such a predefined holidays. But I do agree that we used to have a pre-planned programs like visiting native places for which the employees or the students of that time applied for. These holidays hasn't been defined by the nature but by us. Its just on the basis of our need or the comfort that we go for it. Students are offered this as the time of some relaxation while the companies keep this as an attraction for the employees for doing their needful.

    For the above defined facts or for whatsoever reasons this has also created for the political grounds as well. This is in order to pay tribute to their leaders & to show their importance to the commons also.

    Just concluding the above that this time around it's a hot day & people need a relief so they find this the good time to use their allocated leaves.

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    This short break from our entire busy life is just to refresh our days. families visit native places and some different locations by pre-planning.students will have the best moment to have summer camps or utilize by having some different courses that they require. best thing can we have for our comforts is to have the get-together with the families.

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    After completing one-year studies all students want to relax for sometimes before next year starts. Our academic year starts from April and ends by March. So the new year will start after April after completing the holidays.The summer will be severe during these two months that is April and May. So pupil need not commute in the hot Sun from and to the house. That is why the holidays are planned like this. Teachers will go for spot valuation and other works assigned to them.Parents will try to go for some trip with the children with the LTA facility they have.
    But these days parents are not leaving the children during these days also. They will put them in summer crash courses. But Intermediate and SSC students will not have any holidays. They will be going for classes immediately for entrance tests and IIT coachings so on and so forth.

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    As the name itself suggests 'summer holidays' simply means holidays due to severe climatic conditions during summers when it becomes imposible to go outside home for attending schools etc.

    During British period there used to be summer capitals i.e. places located in hill stations and the capital used to be temporarily shifted to such places where there used to be cold climate.

    Nowadays, the families which can afford, plan to visit hill stations and others go to other places including relatives places and mostly remain indoors instead of venturing outdoor in the day time.

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    After completing examinations, students need to have a break from their stressful studies so students go for summer holidays. Likewise, people who are in the college life will be busy completing their projects and exams and they tend to plan for a holiday to get all things to work in the normal manner. People who are working will find themselves free from their work and tend to go out with family for summer holidays. Each person will have a different requirement based on the needs of the family. Everyone likes to go out for few weeks to enjoy themselves and get refreshed from these busy schedules.
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    All work and no play would bring in boredom and less interest. Same is the case with our living in all the four seasons and summer is severe of all the four seasons. And the school children are habituated to be protected from the scorching heat and every school has the compulsion to observe summer vacation and even the courts have the customary summer holidays so that no cases are taken up. And the three months during summer are bound to get some challenging situations to the health for the children and hence schools and colleges wont take chance to have classes during summer and hence the vacation is granted.
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    Should there be summer vacations of long duration for courts also? There are so many court cases already pending. Also, all other government offices remain open during summers.
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