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    Salman Khan convicted. What Does This Means To Us?

    We finally have the news that today the Salman Khan has been convicted by a Jodhpur court in context to Blackbuck poaching case. He has been with a five-year jail term.

    What does this mean to us?

    The incident happened during 26.09.1998 that Salman Khan is alleged to have hunted two Chinkaras (Black Buck), an endangered species at Bhawad, Jodhpur in Rajasthan. Adding, that co-accused Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Neelam and Sonali Bendre are acquitted.

    Since then to till date what remains the same or if we speak of justice then justice for whom?

    What you have to say? Pl. comment.
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    He, along with other accused, tried his level best to delay/subvert the process of justice and was able to do it for more than nineteen years. Now he has been convicted and other accused have been found not guilty. Personally I have no comment to offer because I am not much impressed by Salman Khan by his behaviour, attitude or acting prowess. He committed a crime, has been found guilty and has been punished.
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    From the verdict it is quite clear that Indian laws and judiciary wont leave any one erring and thus would be punished sooner or later but in this case it took 20 years to pronounce the judgement. So for him and his huge fan following it is really a great set back and for the producers to whom he has given dates for future projects would be in dire peril. Nevertheless it must be a lesson for all that being celebrity and famous , it does not imply that one can behave over board and above the law, and they are surely be punished one day or the other. Yes he has to be convicted for wrong doing.
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    But don't we feel that when justice got delayed then this for sure that justice got denied too.

    The human are killed is a different perspective but when an animal killed, then still punishable. Thousands of butchering shops but they have the license to kill.

    I don't understand this.

    Twenty Years.

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    It is once again proved that Indian judiciary will not have any considerations for persons. A wrong thing done by a VVIP is also a wrong thing only. It will not become correct if the doer is a VVIP. There is a lot of delay in delivering the justice. But the end the judgement is without any bias. That should be accepted. Many people will do the undoings and try to go away scat free with the help of known public figures or others. But it is not possible to go away from the punishment. I don't know the fans may get annoyed but the law should call spade a spade only.
    Only the problem with Judicial system in India is the cases take a long time than expected and people will for get about the happening also. The government should find a way to increase the courts or increasing the government lawyers and see that the cases will be finalised with in a reasonable time. If that happens we will be more safe in this developing country.

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    Earlier we have seen Salman got bail in the Car hitting case and the eyewitness in that case was avoided by the people and their family. In this case, he thought that he will get escaped, but the Indian judiciary is having the power to convict people for those who do wrong things. There are many pending cases in supreme court, so it took nineteen years to get a verdict. People who are famous will try to extend the case or delay it without proper argument.
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    Law takes its own course, and in this case, the law has taken its right course. We need to obey and go by the rules and laws of the country. We may kill animals as permitted by the law. But we should not go against the law and kill animals that are endangered species. He deserves this punishment.
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    What does this mean to us? Neither do I like or dislike the actor but this verdict means to us that nobody is above the law, we can have faith in the Judicial process and the law of the land. This sends a strong message to those who want to break the law. I wish, the same being extended to people in power, people in politics who play with the system. There were delays but this was expected with the celebrity considered. It should have been done much earlier and even now there would be room for appeal etc. Some may even think it's just a couple of blackbucks. The larger picture is wildlife conservation and there is a reason that such animals go on the endangered list.

    More important is to respect the resolve of the Bishnoi people who were key in filing the case and sticking to their reverence for blackbucks and animals. The Government should also set up its measures against the poachers who kill blackbucks for their meat.

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    Primarily it means to us that we should always abide by the law of the land and never become egoistic. Being a celebrity, sometimes becomes a headache like in the instant case. Though money matters and often proves useful in easing out situations but it is not so always as sometimes it boomerangs.
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    Atlast the struggle of Bishnoi community has been brought Justice for the black buck poaching case committed by Salman khan.The judicial system has been non biased.
    It gave an important message to mankind that no one is above law it doesn't matter how much we wealth,money he/she has or how much he/she is popular.This type of Justice must be given to all animals it may be wild or domestic the poacher or killer must be punished.The fine Imposed on actor was very less.He is so Popular and have a large fans,the fans look after him as role model so it is a good lesson who thinks money is everything and can even control judicial system permanently.He is trying for bail, which should not be given.The actor may be doing social work but it doesn't mean that he must be forgiven for his past crime.
    The animal life must be protected.I think a separate law must be prepared and enforced to protect animal life and nature.He might be escaped from car hitting case but I hope it doesn't happen and repeat again by granting bail.
    An salute and a huge respect to the people of Bishnoi community for protecting endangered species and fighting for their right.

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    Salman Khan has been released from the Jodhpur central jail on bail. He directly went to the airport from jail, from where he is taking a chartered flight, back home to Mumbai.
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    I sincerely hope that the Bishnoi community continues their fight against these law-breaking filthy riches who are trying to purchase the judicial system by appointing lawyers by paying astronomical sums. I am talking not only about Salman Khan, but also other filmstars who were instigating him to kill blackbucks and chinkaras. We, the law-abiding common citizens, must stand firmly against these law-breakers.
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    It may be like a film shoot to him. Only two days he got the bail and back to his place. Why all this drama. Is it correct when somebody is found guilty and judgement has been delivered within no time giving bail? These acts only will leave a sort insecurity feeling to a common man in our country. For delivering a judgement it took years together. But forgiving bail two days. Indian law is also getting surrendered to big shots. Then where is the question of justice to a common man here? Very sorry state of affairs.
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    It's sad that the joy of the Bishnoi community was shortlived. Their prayers were answered after nearly 20 years but in 48 hours, they have to hear about the bail being granted. What a tragic state of affairs. Now the Bishnois are to approach the Rajasthan HC challenging the bail. This battle for justice is long from over. This shows what money and power can do in a country like ours.

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    Can't those conscience-less lawyers and actors be socially boycotted? So far as the actor is concerned, if one of his films is boycotted, he will come to the sense.
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