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    Should guilty celebrities be awarded exemplary punishment?

    It is said that everyone is equal in the eyes of law. However, at the same time it is also said by many that an exemplary punishment should be awarded to celebrities in case they are found guilty of any crime. Sometimes, few people remark that the wealthy people are able to get the justice delayed by hiring top notch lawyers and it is only the poor who are made to suffer.

    Thus we can find that there are contradictory opinions in such matters. As a matter of fact when all people are to be treated equally in the eyes of law, then how the question of awarding exemplary punishment to celebrities arises as they can be singled out and treated separately.

    Should guilty celebrities be awarded exemplary punishment?
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    What we have seen in our society is that the people who are having high values in the society are avoided from the punishment. Some celebrities escape the punishment due to the following of fan's and it targets minor people. The supreme court needs to rethink and must take an opinion which suits the common interest of the people. People can lose faith in the judiciary if such incidents happen again in our life.
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    Who ever guilty and proved beyond doubt by the law, they must undergo the best possible punishment so that others would learn the lesson for future. But the problem with our system is that being a celebrity and most wanted by the fans across the country, some times the Film fraternity and even many Individuals would seek re intervention and re thinking process on the case so that minimum punishment is awarded. But the so called actor would also go to the higher bench and challenge the verdict. So In India there is always escape route for the celebrities who are fame and going.
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    The punishment should be as per the severity of the crime and there should be no differentiation in that matter between the common person and than that of a celebrity.

    The problem in our country is that influential and rich people hire good lawyers and linger the case on one pretext or other. The court case moves with a snail's pace and as rightly said that justice delayed is justice denied.

    The judicial system requires a revamping in its speed of working. The judges are capable of giving the good judgement but they are bogged down by a large number of cases.

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    Crime is a crime. Who has done is not important. Whether it is a crime or not is to be decided and basing the severity the judge should deliver the verdict. For him, whether the culprit is a poor man, rich man, public figure or celebrity is nothing to do. Another issue for him will be age. If the culprit is a child the punishment may be different. Then only we can say our judiciary system is working well within its purview.
    But if you start thinking about the person who has done the mistake, you can't deliver a correct verdict. There is no punishment called exemplary in my opinion. Suitable punishment in compae=rison with the crime as per the law should be awarded. There may be a little variation as the judges will have different understandings. This may result in a little variation.
    But unfortunately, in our country, the celebrities and VIPs will try to influence the judiciary system. This may result in a delay in the verdict. But that should happen.

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    Glad that the author is raised this thread without referring to an individual case. To answer this question, we need to know the responsibilities of celebrities first. Celebrities are people who have reached a particular status in the eyes of the public wherein their actions, their thought process, their conduct is imitated or liked by their fans and admirers.

    The public figure has a huge responsibility of being a good role model, a good citizen and to have a good sense of right and wrong. For instance, a celebrity promoting an event that is inappropriate for the society, against national integrity etc. High on the list is breaking the law or committing a crime.

    There are so many avoid paying tax and bending the rules, we don't bother much but the same when a celebrity fails to paying due taxes, it becomes a headline and sets a bad precedence (avoiding duty on imported cars etc). There are people with unregistered or with country made weapons but the same takes an entirely different path when a public figure does it. The fans and followers would automatically think that it's ok because his or her celebrity has done it.

    So, I feel the celebrities should be held accountable within the legal framework and an exemplary punishment would send out a strong message for both sides, 1. if this is the punishment for a powerful celebrity, the fate of a common person committing the same crime would be inescapable, 2. for the new celebrities, it would be a deterrent to avoid getting carried away with their status and thoughts that they can escape the law of the land.

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    No, the law should be impartial to all-celebrity or no celebrity. But it must be ensured that celebrities are not allowed to subvert/delay the process of justice.
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