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    Should we measure our body weight regularly?

    I remember that during my childhood, nobody used to talk about body weight or its measurement. In case of individuals having more body weight, the people used to accept them as it is simply remarking that they are heavy or fat etc. though there used to be few skinny people also.

    However, nowadays there is much awareness about the body weight and BMI etc. Many people measure their weight regularly to keep tab on it.

    Should we measure our body weight regularly? What is the best way to measure body weight at home?
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    It is true that people are now aware of the health problems and how it affects their life. If we are having weight machines of digital or analog it will suits you better. There are installed machines near the airport and at other coffee shop areas, where we can measure our body weight and BMI value.
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    I have a great habit of measuring the height of a child of our every relative who visit our house as I mark their height progress with a pencil and date on the wall and thus the children would have interest to gain their height often . And as for the weight I would ask them to hang on by holding tight on my hands at the shoulder muscle, so that I can gauge their growing weight. This way the children would be drawn to me and I used to say that they are not eating what the mother is giving and hence not growing either weight or in height. Thus they would eat well and drink well.
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    Body weight is one of the important factors for monitoring ones health and assesment. Earlier people were not very particular about it but now there is a greater awareness about this parameter and everyone is taking care of his weight by one way or other. Many people are joining gym on a regular basis.

    Regular monitoring of the weight will caution an individual in time for corrective actions either by controlling food intake or under taking additional exercises.

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    Body weight should be maintained as per the age and the height. overweight is not good for health.In olden days people used to eat more. But they used to have a lot of physical exercises. But these days we don't have many physical exercises. So the importance of walking or other types of exercises is becoming very important. One should always have a watch on his/her weight. The food habits are to be good and we should see that we will not go for junk food and excessive food. Once in a month if we measure our weight we will understand whether we are gaining weight or maintaining the same weight or we lost the weight, we will understand. Accordingly, we can take actions so that our weight will be in our control. Because of personal reason, I couldn't do exercises for a period of two years. I gained weight. Then I started daily treadmill and yoga. I started controlling my food habits also. I have lost almost 10 Kg in a span of 4 months. Now I am of the correct weight.
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    The estimation of whether one is fat or thin just by looking is difficult, tall people can hide their weight better and short people look overweight. Hence the need to check one's weight accurately and regularly.

    Keeping track of the weight is important not only to check for weight gain or obesity but also for the opposite. For instance loss of weight (not the intentional one byu dieting and exercise) would mean onset of diabetes,hyperactive thyriod,stress/anxeity or even tuberculosis and cancer.

    Weight gain in children and pregnant mothers is normal or physiological, again this needs to be done regularly to check that the weight gain is healthy and not abnormal. More than a single reading alone, the trend of the weight (gain or loss) plotted against a time frame is more relevant.

    One should not be obsessed with checking weight daily but we can easily have a bathroom weight scales and check our weight once a month or so. We should take into consideration of the fact that each weighing scale would be different.It's also useful bear in mind the fact that women tend to gain around 1.5 - 2 kgs just prior to their month cycles.

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