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    Is day scholar better or a hostel based study better?

    Most parents would spend a lot of time thinking, planning and charting out their children's education so that they all get a good start in life, a good job, a decent pay etc. Education is very competitive these days and parents spend a good fortune on schools, tuition fees, extra coaching etc.

    The child's place of stay (whether it's home or an hostel) starts to arise after primary school. Some parents feel children grow up better having their parents around and study well if they are day - scholars. But there are parents who feel the contrary is true. Staying in a hostel brings in discipline, there is no room for emotional and social distractions, hence children are more focused, independent and do better.

    So, for the sake of a better education (and a good start), do you feel secondary school children should stay at home or stay at a hostel?
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    My daughter is a day scholar and doing MBBS and out 100 students, 90 are the hostelers and 10 are day scholars. Most of the hostelers are found to be miss using their leisure time for other purpose and not preparing or studying for the next day classes. Whereas my daughter does the studies in the bus to and fro and also gets into preparation for tomorrow as soon as she reaches home and even goes for late night studies. When the monthly tests and regular exams are conducted all the day scholar were in the top 10 ranks and the hostlers are lagging behind in every aspect of studies.
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    In my opinion day scholar is better than hostel education. Children need love and affection which is not possible in hostel life. In day scholar education parents are always with children and take care them at the crucial time. If children struggle in education parents can help them. Hostel life is not good in my opinion. We do not know which type of roommates are there with our children. If they get a bad company in hostel life it will certainly affect their whole life. So, I will prefer scholar on hostel education.
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    It purely depends on the location. If the college is near to home, it is better to be a day scholar rather than staying in hostels. Staying in hostels sometimes may get you weak and some students won't allow you to study properly in a hostel. If you are a day scholar, you are more focused on your studies and when the exams get approached they can prepare well for the exams. Some hostels can get you disciplined if it is functioning properly well. The warden makes you follow the timings in the hostel.
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    It is not correct to say that being a day scholar is good or being an hostler is good. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The individual 's attitude and mentality will play an important role. I have seen many students who were in hostel from plus 2 and done very well. At the same time I know people who were day scholars and done well. Similarly I have seen people other way also. I studied my B.Sc as day scholar and M.Sc as hostler. I have not noticed any difference. For a good student hostel will give good exposure to the society and it will give a chance to develop individuality and managing the issues. But at the same time there are chances for a week person to get attracted to unwanted habits and get ruined his future. So the individual is responsible for making his life in the way he wanted.
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    This question is irrelevant. It is the attitude of the student towards study that matters. As Dr. Rao wrote above I too did my graduation as a day scholar and post graduation as a hosteler. I did not find any difference. If a comparison is made, I liked the hostel days. The mingling and sharing with others definitely helped me to understand several things. I could make use of the University Library during evenings, since my colleagues took me there and showed the facilities there. Like this joint discussions on difficult topics were made possible only because of hostel life.
    Another advantage is that in a hostel there will be students studying for different courses. A mingling with them will help develop some ideas about other areas as well.

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    It varies on case to case basis.

    A brilliant student who gets admission in a premier institution which is situated in a different city quite far away, in my opinion, should not miss the opportunity just for the sake of availing the advantages of remaining at home to get healthy food and parental care. As a matter of fact there are few institutions where only residential education is available i.e. even the local students have to live within the campus in the hostel of the institution.

    In USA, students live with the family only up to completing 18 years of age and after that they go out and are expected to work part time to finance their studies also.

    It is better to face challenges of living outside home in the interest of getting better education than becoming a well pampered unemployed middle age person at home.

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    I think hostel life is better than scholars. I know home life is better because at home we can do whatever we like to do but its not possible in hostel. I just wants to say that only for one time person needs to stay away from the home and adjust ourself with other living environment.

    The first experience the students face in a college hostel is that, unlike at home, they gave to get up early during hostel life. This can be tiring but they have to obey rules and regulation of the hostel. Moreover, the students who undergo hostel life are bound by the time to go to bed and the time to rise.

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    There was thread titled "Cheers of Hostel lie ' in this forum. I had posted my view as response post #622138 there. I still hold that view.

    Along with that view, I will also add here that, when there are not sufficient facilities at home for a congenial study ,and parental care, hostel is preferable. But otherwise, if there are sufficient facilities ta home for congenial study, and the institution is not very far away, then day scholar life is better. We get very less time with our parents in this age. So it is better to use them as optimum as possible.

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    Now the scenario has changed. Generally the hostel life comes into picture at Graduation (Engineering/Medicine) and at PG level (if you study in the University campus). The thread referred by Venkiteswaran sir brings us the good old memories of Hostel life and I too responded there. My hostel life goes back to my study time in the University to pursue my Post Graduation and the comparison of Day-scholar and Hostlier varies with the change of time.

    In the present trend, we see children after completion of 10th standard are forced to take a rigorous coaching to crack a seat either in IIT or AIIMS. Now priorities are changed. Completion of XII standard would decide the fate of a student and parents are compelled to send their wards to a Good coaching centre like FITJEE or Chaitanya or Narayana etc., Thus the hostel life starts from XI standard onwards as I see in many cases where the child would be under constant pressure and watch. This would be helpful to make the student to reach his target while a day-scholar would be taken more care and would be given lesser pressure at home. If he/she cracks a seat in IIT/NIT/AIIMS etc the pattern of study itself is in-house and students are bound to join hostel under compulsion to enable them to mix with different cultures and understand different languages. The main intent of the Premier Institutes of India monitored by Ministry of HRD is to bring them together and the success rate of these students is a known fact to everyone.

    Finally, it all depends on the student who has to maintain the balance,if we talk of other categories of students who study in various other colleges and universities. If he falls in a wrong group of friends even a day-scholar may be getting spoiled.


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    It varies from individual to individual whether he can benefit by a hostel environment or home study. Some students feel that the students in the hostel create a lot of disturbances and it affects their study. For such students home study will be better option.

    There are some hostels which are very reputed for good environment and many students qualify from there in competitive exams. A student can benefit a lot from such campuses.

    So there is no general rule where the student should stay - in home or in hostel. It depends on many factors.

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    Excellent responses so far, I feel the current trend and stress of life is so much on these students reaching 10th or 12th that it would be better from them to be with their families as a day scholar where ever possible. Parents can always teach them how to be independent and also have the golden chance to support them during the stressful period of competitive exams. They should do this without being overprotective.

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