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    Is our Country Becoming more Corrupted?

    Since India has got Independence various governments had different problems. Most of them were due to corruption and misuse which leads to their failure. Recent we have seen Bank Frauds happening and people who are responsible to act are officials of the firm and they are not keen on doing it. The CBSE question paper leaks are also mismanagement from the government side. Do you think our country is becoming more Corrupted? What Steps can be taken to withstand Corruption? Share your opinions?
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    Yes, I agree with the author that our country becoming more corrupted. One thing I want to say that the hard rule we will impose the corruption will increase. The government cannot do anything to remove corruption, the government can prepare law and policies but the common men are responsible for the corruption. The awareness is the only solution to remove corruption. We should provide moral education for the student from the very beginning if we want to remove corruption in future. In the present scenario, I think it is impossible to remove corruption.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    In the present scenario, this sounds very true. To me, corruption and its role in a given soceity, state or country has been there for many ages. Corruption and human greed go hand in hand and India is no exception. In India, the publicity and the speed with which news of corruption spread has dramatically increased, earlier most of it would be hidden but not so anymore.With the increasing use of investigative journalism, RTI and social media, now corruption is more or less in the forefront.

    There are many ways that can result in control of corruption if not its complete eradication. The problem would be the implementation of the rules and regulations related to the anti-corruption plan. It would need the overall participation of public, lawmakers, officials etc. Mear education and preaching a high moral ground will not suffice the mammoth task successfully.

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    Yes our country has become more corrupted than ever and in the recent past we found corruption on large scale either too not heard or found. The way the banks are looted showing fictitious assets and without even showing a guarantor for their loan taken, how come the so called banks and even auditors to them are not coming out in open about the frauds being done. Even RBI seems to be colluding with wrong doings of banks. Banks know to squeeze the ordinary account holds by levying all kinds of cess and taxes and prompt in collecting the payments from small loan takers, but miserably fail to redeem loan recovery from the big wigs and thus become the defaulters. What I feel that all the 14 public sector banks were the party to the big loot by the businessman and a thorough inquiry by CBI has to be initiated without waiting for government nod.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    No, our country hasn't become more corrupt. Only the political class has become more corrupt and has lost all ability to govern the country.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The point is very clear. The corruption in the country is not new now. It is there from ages. But recently what my observation is the corruption is getting reduced at the highest level of governance but spreading more to down the line. Overall there is no increase. Another issue is even a small issue Iti's getting highlighted.The newspapers and electronic media is going on giving wide publicity very selectively basing on their political affiliations. So a common man who was never have any clue to these informations getting each and every informationthese days. So we are all thinking that there is an increase. The issues what we are getting out these days are not initiated these days. They were there from many years but came to light these days. And all issues were out all of a sudden almost in a short span of time. I feel this is due to the fear of the officials who are sitting on those issues from long. This is a good sign that there is some fear in the minds of the people. Whether it is going to lead for a decrease the corruption levels in the society. Let us hope for the better
    always confident

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    India and corruption are in a successful relationship from Independence till now.But corruption rate in present scenario has been reduced drastically.The society has given an opportunity for corruption to develop in India.Whenever the strong laws have been enforced,the people think of thier benefit.If they found any difficulty in following they are ready to go for strike and demolition of public property.The foundation of Indian judicial system and fundamentals which have been brought for the good of people has become a serious trouble to the country since people are misuseing it.

    For example:Aadhar card,an unique identification system has been opposed by most of them and filled petition in supreme Court.The present government has ordered to link bank account , ration card, etc.Linking aadhar card and Bank account can help in keep an eye on persons income source and properties.It may help the people in many ways.By linking ration card lakhs of BPL card holders has been disappeared,these BPL card holders were not eligible for it but they got cards by corrupting officials and they were draining resources provided for below poverty line people.This is an important point in which corruption made by people and officials is prevented.There are many advantages of aadhar card. It can become a hub of all the personal and government sources of an individual under one roof

    The people are opposing by saying it will take away the freedom of thier human rights , which is an illogical statement and corrupted people may pass this.Another reason is it will interfere with opportunity for foreign bodies to hack.This is correct.But if the people were so concerned of country and corruption free they might fought or appealed for government and supreme Court to tighten the security,but not to withdraw it.It is general example which imposes that people are giving way and opportunity for corruption.

    If corruption has to be ended people must take a step to end it or support the personality /Lea ders who have setted thier mindset to end it.

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    Strange it may seem but the fact is that in an electoral democracy like ours, corrupt practices generally become a part and parcel of the system.

    A political party has to win and manage a majority in the house to be able of form government. Winning elections as well managing more members to have a majority requires money. This money is financed by the industrialists and business houses with unwritten understanding that after coming to the power, the political party concerned will let the financer to loot the country.

    Thus the very foundation of electoral democracy is laid on the promises of corruption only.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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