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    Does firmness of mind is prerequisite for success in life?

    Some people are having flickering minds while some have the firmness of mind and focused approach for their efforts. This is the latter category which generally succeeds in life.

    Those who have flickering mind often are not able to decide their path and modality to go ahead in their life and many times struggle in one direction or other.

    What is the opinion of the members on this?
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    Yes, it is a good opinion, we need to have a firm mind to achieve something in our life, otherwise, we will not be successful people in the world. An even successful person comes from big failures. A self determination is needed to achieve targets in our life. We need to set goals in our life to be the successful person in the world.
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    When you want to progress and succeed, you have to take risk and that is the order of the day. Those who fear to take risk and not firm in their future plans, they are bound to make more compromises and mistakes which may lead to confusion galore and ultimately aborting the idea itself. First of all have belief in the self. Then approach those who are having good understanding with you and you have the adaptability status with them. Then plan the things with mutual consultations and arrive at the define path to progress step by step. Never hurry the process and go by pros and cons before taking final decisions. Surely those who are experienced and who are with you shall before hand expect the impending dangers and set backs and guide you accordingly. So instead of attending a big project on own, it is better to have the cooperation of some greats and then proceed.
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    Firmness is required about the goal is a prerequisite for success. But the path should be flexible and you should review your progress and if you feel you are falling behind, you should relook at your path and if necessary you should adopt a new path. So firmness about the goal and flexibility of path with acceptable means should the way. Sometimes we may be erring somewhere and the result may not be as expected. In such case we should not compromise and stop working for our goals. Be trying different ways you will be reaching the goal with in the time
    I have been adopting this strategy all these days and I feel I am successful upto at least 90% so far in my life. But I never gone out of the legal means and ethics in becoming successful.

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    yes, I agree with the author that firmness of mind is prerequisite for success in life. These type of people get success in life.
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    Having a firm resolve to take on a task and follow through until completion is often good and ensures success. The key here is knowing the end results, the first class in exams, landing the first job or getting that coveted promotion. I feel, if we know beforehand the end point, then it is more easy to have a firm mind that keeps us focussed and we can channelize our energy in one direction.

    Many a time people are at crossroads, tread a path in life that becomes monotonous or difficult. In such situations where the endpoint is not clear or ambiguous people tend to waver or keep dilly-dallying.Everyone knows what success means in their various aspects of life but at times it is not practically clear or as simple as we think. Also, there would be other options wherein a different path may also lead to success, upon hearing this the mind wavers and considers, is it a better option?

    If someone has a fickle or a wavering mind, then they need the counsel of family, relatives, friends or colleagues to reassure and move in the right direction.

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    You call it 'firmness of mind' or anything else but a firm determination and focussed attention is a prerequisite for facilitation of success besides other factors like sincerity of purpose, hard work, self confidence and patience etc.

    Self confidence comes from consistent and persistent endeavours. An individual lacking self confidence will never be able to adhere to his own decision primarily because he/she is not sure.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It's not possible that we are just born & talking of "firmness of mind" & then we approach to success. But instead, It's depend on about how our mind has been molded onto. If suppose you had the wrong path of which you were not aware of & simultaneously you developed the wrong perception. So in this connection the "firmness of mind", will lead to the wrong direction.

    Therefore it's important to give a proper direction to our mind before finally we have done with our objective & decides to go for it.

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