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    What will you do if you are elected as one day Chief Minister?

    We have seen in the movie 'Nayak' where the hero becomes a one day Chief Minister and he has to sacrifice many problems related to it. Even his life is under threat and he goes on one day cleaning in the government offices. There are many corruptions happened in government stores and all are raided and they are dismissed from the service. The Police officers are more worried about these one day Chief Minister because their job is at threats. If you are given a chance to act as Chief Minister, What will you do? Share your opinions.
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    If I am elected one day Chief Minister I will remove all type of reservation from my state. In my opinion, reservation is the biggest obstacle in the development of our country. If we really want to develop India we should remove alltype of reservations.
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    We have had similar discussions in the past about one day CM or PM. In reality, this would not be possible and I do not want to become one in the first place.

    I would 'apply leave on that day' because if I become a one day CM, the biggest question for me is where do I start? If I wanted to get rid of corrupt officials, most departments would have their manpower slashed by more than half and I would spend the day pacifying the respective ministers and the angry public.

    If I wanted to cleanse the system of the scamsters, I would lose most of the ministers and I would not have numbers to prove majority and stay in power. If I wanted to truly help the people, they would laugh at me because the people have given up hope of finding a true politician who is committed to the welfare of the public.

    I would be filled with greed to hold on to the chair of CM and would be treading down a path of no return. I would be forced to hand out benefit after benefit to appease people even if the treasury is empty. Hence, I would apply leave, rest the day and get back to my routine the next day.

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    If I become the Chief Minister of Telangana state even for one day, I want to attend for the basics of the people the whole day. Every past government were concentrating on big projects earlier and forget to provide the basics to the cities were many people live. All the roads will be widened and made permanent with cement toppings. All the illegal encroachments are removed including the religious structures which has been raised to protect the private properties beside it, I shall order the Municipality to go for master plan to have the big underground drainage system at least to withstand for next 100 years so that there wont be over flowing of drainage in the major cities. And every house must get 24 hours drinking water for that cleaning of sea water through special process wound be initiated and the water would be brought by special trains from the seas shores.
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    It is only an imagination. To bring in reforms and changes one day is sufficient in movies only.If these days politicians are getting a chance to become a Chief Minister they start working on accumulation of wealth as if he may lose the post with in one day. I feel a person really wants to serve nation need not become a powerful man. With in his limits he can strive for the betterment of the society.
    If I were offered a post as CM for one day.the first step I will take is to remove all other ministers immediately and nominate the best possible citizens who were known for their expertise and ethical ways. Even though I will be there for one day, these ministers can be there at least for six months and they may do good to the society. I feel this is the best option I have.

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    A chief Minister cannot do anything except to issue some ordinances that too for one day only as the same are likely to be reversed the very next day. Also, the bureaucrats are not likely to cooperate as they will be knowing that the individual is made the Chief Minister for one day only. An individual alone cannot do much in one single day even if he/she is made a Chief Minister.
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    Many Members have given many innovative courses of action. They will definitely do great service if they become one-day Chief Minister. But I will do something different during my tenure as one-day Chief Minister. On that day I will pass an Ordnance banning subsequent election process and allowing the current Chief Minister (i.e., myself) to remain Chief Minister till death.
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