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    Courage! Thy name is Rupali Meshram

    She lives in a village near Nagpur. She heard her goat bleating. She hurriedly came out of her home and saw a full-grown tiger was taking away their goat. She didn't hesitate-attacked the tiger with the stick she was holding. The enraged tiger left the goat and attacked her. She has been grievously injured in her head, waist, legs and hands. Her mother also came out and somehow managed to take her inside the house. Her mother also suffered from minor injuries.

    Inside the home, this 23-year-old woman first took a selfie and only then went to the bed. Fortunately, she is out of danger now. But unfortunately, the goat has not survived.

    Courage! Thy name is Rupali Meshram.
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    It is really a great attempt to save a goat from a tiger by a girl. We should appreciate her for her achievement. She even not cared for her life in the attempt of saving another life. A good narration by the author as usual. My appreciations to the author for sharing a great information.
    always confident

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    On reading the content posted by the author, spontaneously a thought flashed in my mind. A man turned predator is perhaps worse than the tiger.

    Tigers only have brute force but the two legged animal called a man, has 'grey matter' also which can be used either way.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Congrats for sharing such information with us. The girl needs to be appreciated for saving her goat rather than risking her life. People who are living in villages need to get courage from such incidents and need to take defensive action against the wild animals.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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    A courageous young lady who fought a tiger to try and save her goats in the night. She and her mother are stated to have received treatment at a nearby hospital. This reminds me of a brave woman in a Jim Corbett man-eater story. He washes her grievous wounds with an old solution of antiseptic and the lady lived on when Corbett returned to the village after killing the man-eater.
    In this case, the forest officials think that it would be leopard rather than a tiger as they found only leopard footprints nearby. Tiger or leopard, it takes a special brand of courage to take on such big cats.

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    Thank you Mr.Partha for letting us know this story. You have also narrated so well that I felt as if I am watching the situation. An outstanding courage is required even to face a tiger that too with no proper ammunition. Hats off !to the girl's brave action. After hearing so many news of attack of these wild animals I think there should be some sought of self defence training given to residents by the responsible people.

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    @Kavitha.U, 'many wild animal attacks',
    India is a vast country with an ever-increasing population and ever-shrinking forest cover. The animal-human conflict has become a part of life in some parts of the country. It is difficult to have individual self-defense against these predators, in whose backyard man has intruded.

    What we need is the Government to have protected forests and prevent any encroachment, around these forests should be a buffer zone of a land a few kilometers wide and then should come human settlements. I say this because, for every brave story like that of Rupali, there would be many who would have lost a limb or a life or their livelihood in similar incidents.

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