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    The purpose of your life must be to surpass others

    Though some people take the life very light and say that the things will go their own way to which they need not bother, it is a fact that we are alone responsible for our destiny. One must understand the purpose of life. It must be coupled with challenges , good and bad moments and above all we should have the killer instinct to surpass others. If we do not have the fighting spirit within us , we cannot progress not achieve in success in life. So be always ready to face the challenges to surpass at least your nearest rival.
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    The purpose of your life should be to live a happy life, that's all. This happiness can be from following your passion, competing with others or just by living a moderate comfortable life.

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    As long as we set our goals in such a way that we will stretch to the maximum to achieve the goal ,
    It is acceptable. But in a comparison with others and trying to surpass others we should not collapse. We should always keep this in mind. Sometimes by comparing with others and not able to achieve will prove to be a disaster. The aim and target should be as realistic as possible.
    In my life so far I have kept my own targets based on my capabilities and to a level that I have to stretch 120% and to that extent I achieved the goals.
    But when it comes to expenditures and comforts we should not compare with others who are above us and we should not left with a disappointment. They should be in proportion to our achievability.

    always confident

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    I read in a book that no lock is prepared without key, similarly all problems must have solutions. Though this phrase consoling us we shrink ourselves when we face a problem.

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    #632313 - I have recently come across a quote which says - 'there is no key to success, because the door remains always open'.

    However, I don't agree with the title of the thread i.e. 'The purpose of your life must be to surpass others'.

    The human life is great and therefore cannot be belittled to such an extent to say that its purpose is to 'surpass' others. We have to ensure that our life is not going waste.

    Sometimes, I wonder as to what is the purpose of people living in remote areas on top of hills or in deep forests without having even bare minimum facilities . They get born and die there only without any kind of interaction with the people in other parts of the world. Will it make any difference to the mankind if they don't exist.

    I believe that being sincere and devoted to one's duties and responsibilities is enough contribution from people's side toward society and the mankind as a whole.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Success only comes from Hard work and we need that fighting spirit to achieve success in our life. A person who gives a try in all problems will be able to manage his work efficiently rather than sitting lazy and not doing his work at the time. We need to understand our merits and demerits, then only we will be able to cope with the challenges in the society. People always try to live their lives in comfort zones and won't attempt anything new in their life which causes problems to the family. A person who made a mistake knows how to recover from complex problems in life.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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    I also agree with what @Kailash said 'The human life is great and therefore cannot be belittled to such an extent to say that its purpose is to 'surpass' others. We have to ensure that our life is not going waste'. It depends on our satisfaction level also as someone will always compare with others say nearer ones while some leads on their own way without bothering much on their surrounding people. I also wonder how the author has come with this conclusion because as far as I have seen from his contribution in this section, he is going on with his own contribution without seeing the surrounding (that is other members) in the virtual world.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    The purpose of life is to live life to the full extent and not with the sole aim of surpassing others. If we nurture our children with this advice, they will be running the rat race constantly forever, because there will always be someone or the other to be surpassed or to be overtaken.
    For instance, in space science, there are scientists, astronomers and astronauts who spend time in the lab researching, study the moon and other planets or fly into space respectively, yet each of them is successful in their own way related to space.Similarly, we can groom children to be happy, competitive and streamline their talents and use them to live life to the full extent in whichever way that suits them or whichever makes them contended.
    Life would have taught harsh lessons to people who have forgotten human values and not taken time to enjoy what is in hand but instead trying to beat others ahead of them.

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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to surpass others. It is bad when it impacts your ability to function with others. This means if people refuse to deal with you because of your ultra-competitive nature, that is bad!
    Being competitive is not a bad thing according to me. Its fine if u feel like surpassing others.
    Everybody in some way or other wants to be better than someone else!
    One way to go would be, Rather than others, try surpassing yourself(past and present). Try to become better than who you were and who you are.!

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    I don't agree. I feel that every person should try to carve a niche for himself/herself in his/her chosen field. Why should we follow others and try to surpass them in their own fields? Shouldn't we try to excel in our own fields instead?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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