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    Has corruption become socially acceptable in India, at least to some extent?

    We often talk about corruption and condemn it vehemently in our forum discussions and public speeches. However, the parents of a girl while searching for a suitable match for their daughter often remark about shortlisted boys working in police, income tax, excise, custom or such other departments that they have good income. Here the so called 'good income' is not frowned upon by the society. Not only that even relatives or neighbours having good income are seen with awe and are accorded a special kind of treatment by the society.

    Has corruption become socially acceptable in India, at least to some extent?
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    It's in our DNA.

    By the way, what do we mean by "corruption"?
    "Any process or the act by which a word or an expression is changed from its original state to one regarded as erroneous or debased".

    So if we find ourselves to be a part of the above scenario then we are corrupt.

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    Corruption is happening in one person or in another and this will happen if people are more greedy about it. People who are working in government offices knows it very well that they tend to get money for the illegal work they have done and many of them get the money monthly. This is the reason why the families of girl prefer to choose public servants who get more money by doing illegal work. Even now the private sector has not been into the corruption, because they are following strict norms which affect the people who tend to get more cash in hand.

    The corruption should be stopped from the grassroots level itself, then only the people in higher rankings will not choose the corruption money.

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    Whenever people hear/see the word corruption, their mind immediately goes to government servants only. I know there is some percentage and also the opportunities are more as they only deal with necessary documents of common men. But while coming to college or school admission, parents mostly and sometimes students (in their higher studies) wanted to get their seats as per their wish and they are going to any extent by paying bribes(in some other name), and what is this called? So people should also think in these lines before pointing on to others. In fact, in this area, only private institutions are having a big hand and where is the question of government? Recent scams on various banks also clearly show that everyone has the responsibility of corruption in damaging the country especially the common men.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    #632359- I concur with the view that the corrupt practices are not limited to the government sector alone.

    Many unscrupulous doctors in the private sector fleece their patients and often perform avoidable surgical operations just to inflate their bills.

    But the society has somehow accepted them also.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes, I too agree and faced a situation recently that their bills are heavy but I will not say that they do avoidable surgery but even for necessary surgery, they are charging more and if one is not affordable, they immediately wanted them to go somewhere else. Also these private hospitals wanted easily patients and hence they tie up with all Central Government offices and CGHS schemes (because for state government, every state has GH and government multi-speciality hospitals,( for example in Delhi, ILBS, and TN, Chennai multi speciality hospital, legacy of great late JJ, but unfortunately her fatal ends in Apollo) but when patients landed in these tie-up private hospitals, they charge exorbitant extra charges apart from CGHS prescribed otherwise if patient is not affordable they are diverting them elsewhere.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    There is corruption in everywhere. Therein corruption in the government sector at all levels. Starting from a peon in a governemnt office to the topmost person will indulge in corruption. But in private sector, the corruption will be at the level of promoters, Managing Director and CFO level only. Down the line, there will not be any chance for corruption as they will be under the full vigilance of seniors. The works will percolate from top to bottom in private sector and will be completely monitored by the top people. But in the government sector everywhere at each position, there is a chance for corruption. But in government sector also there are people who never indulge in corrupt practices.
    As expressed by the author the corruption is socialised in India. It is more encouraged by the customers for their benefit and once the people in the position taste this they will become more corrupt.

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    The way you described, surely the gravity of effect will be more when a higher level of people done than at the lower level. Therefore the corruption in the private sector is affected indirectly to common men compared to the corruption at the government level and hence even after this kind of big scams, people immediately think of corruption only with government and government servants.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Though we deny and debate, the corruption is very much present in India in one form or the other. For example the security guards are stay put at the hospitals to look after the parked vehicles and when we start moving , he shall ask for some tips which we have to obey , because next time also we are going to park the vehicle. Like wise at RTA the slots are to be booked and one has to go according to the time given. But the brokers can "manage" the slots timings and they can accommodate our urgency when we grease their palm. So some where are the other the habit of corruption do exist and it will exist for ever.
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    Corruption has been ingrained in our Indian system to an appreciable extent. What the author states is practically true in some families, prospective matchmakers are happy if they get an alliance for a 'well paying' job. I sometimes wonder if there any department or sector in which corruption has not raised its ugly head. It is there in both public and private sectors, at high levels of government functionaries.
    Today, I read in the papers that the ATMs are running dry because of the upcoming elections in Karnataka (people have become smart and have withdrawn money with inside help). In many of the offices and day to day life, one cannot get things done with corruption and with this, people are even able to bend or break the law for their own personal gain.
    Most of us talk about abolishing corruption but we ourselves become directly or indirectly a party to it which keeps it going strong.

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    When corruption is deep rooted then public has no other alternative except to suffer under this evil.

    Unfortunately, some of the officials are engaged in corrupt practices to such a large extent that they can not do any free help or work for anyone without taking the bribery.

    They will create situation where a person will become desperate and pay them money to get his work done. This culture is very dangerous for the society and progress of the country as a whole.

    These people are so thick skinned that even after raids and arrests they do not change their ways.

    So more and less, common masses have to accept the corrupt system.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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