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    Recipe article - Article section

    This was discussed in forum earlier. But still I want a small clarification. Can we write cooking recipe articles more than one in the same article because One recipe will not have sufficient count words as per ISC rule. Members who have posted such articles please respond and if possible kindly give a link of your article in this forum for my future response.
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    You can put more than one recipe in one article if the dish is related in some way. For example, I can write two recipes for rotis that were made in excess but not eaten at mealtime & can be used in other ways for a snack at teatime. Otherwise, you can submit the recipes separately as we allow a short article for recipes up to at least 300-350 words. What you could include in such short articles, to avoid it being far too short, would be to put some interesting intro paragraph. For example, if I was to write about a recipe with spinach, I would mention a few health benefits of it or mention how I came to make that recipe - some interesting anecdote perhaps?

    Writing has a special art to it, wherein you try to s-t-r-e-t-c-h something which is very brief to something a bit more in-depth without repetition of text but still making it hugely informative & interesting to read!

    If at all your recipe article is found too short, don't worry about it. The editor will not delete it, but shift it to pending with some suggestions on how to expand on it. Remember to put the word 'recipe' in the title and summary for SEO purposes.

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    Definitely you can write an article on multiple recipes with a suitable heading. There is no rule that you can't write multiple issues in one article. For example you want to write two three recipes made with a common vegetables you write with a title something similar to Delicious side dishes for your lunch with ....... .
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    Thank you for your valuable response and suggestion.

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