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    What exactly it means by culture?

    We often talk about cultures of various societies and know that there are variations in the cultures of different countries and regions. So far , I could understand vaguely that culture means practices covering language, cuisine, dresses, festivals, beliefs and traditions etc. of any society.

    I don't want reproductions of bookish definitions of culture - copied and pasted from various internet resources. Instead let us discuss in simple and easy to understand language as to what exactly it means by culture?
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    The people in a particular society or community follow certain traditional practices as their ancestors have left behind. The beliefs and practices of a society may have a rational background or not but the people belonging to that particular society will follow certain rituals and actions blindly and will feel very inconvenient and embarrassed if due to some reasons pertaining to the modern life they are not able to continue those traditions.

    Due to the above voluntary mechanism, one society can be distinguished from the other and it is generally attributed as a cultural difference between the two.

    The difference in culture many times leads to confrontation and conflict between the two societies and many politicians or clever people take advantage out of it for attaining their selfish motives.

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    Culture is a way of life of particular set of people. For example mostly Tamilians will wear Lungi and Shirt. That is their culture. Indian ladies are known for Saree and that is our culture. In some houses they follow auspicious time to start some works. That is their culture.
    The behaviour of a persons talks about his culture. Culture from place to place will vary. Similarly culture will vary from family to family. The Telangana culture of marriage celebration is different that of AP area. Ap area people will give importance for exact timing for Muharram. But Telangana people are not very particular about Muharram timing. Similarly the culture of AP is to avoid NV during marriage receptions but in Telangana without NV there is no party.
    Indian culture is changing from time to time we have witnessed a lot of change over a period of time.

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    "Culture", is a core values of a demography or a region. With this we mean the overall image that we gather on the basis of the various factors like the tradition which is again the mixture of number of factors. Ranging from what we wear to our belief is all that made up the cultural aspects of any region.

    Depending upon the above factors including others not being included here are all that when comes together develop a certain defined perception.

    Although this can't be specific but keep on changing depending upon the perspective of any individual person. This also remain the same for any publishing house.

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    Culture is the way how a person looks in his traditional dress. For each people, the culture and traditions will be different. A person who is living in Kerala will wear Shirt and Dhotis. Women wear Kerala traditional dress. Each state has their own culture and taste. People leaving in Tamil Nadu will be following different culture when compared to people leaving in Karnataka. Our Country itself is having different types of traditions and cultures which makes it more wonderful.
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    #632341 - I think culture is much more than the style of dressing in various regions.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Culture defines our etiquettes. It is a combination of how we speak, our way of living, as well as how we dress up. It combines everything. What my thought is, this mainly defines, our behavior when we meet new people. Culture defines how we behave with elderly people. Like in our country, we touch the feet of elderly people when we meet them, so this is our culture.
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    In Urdu there is a saying called Asal and Nasal. That means the reality and the copied version of it. The tradition is the reality and the custom of the copied of tradition interpreted differently by people concerned/
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    #632410 - Culture is much more than 'our behavior when we meet new people'.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In my opinion, culture means our language, tradition, festival, dress we wear, our food habits, our believes, etc. India has many cultures and it is the main asset of India. Every religion has a different culture. We should conserve all the culture for the uniqueness of India.
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    Take what we do in our day to day life related to the important aspects of our life, Pass it on to many generations it becomes a tradition. If you consider the customs, practices and beliefs of a particular race or a particular region over a few centuries, it becomes culture. You cannot invent culture or tradition in a few years, hence when people talk about culture, they refer to India, Some European or Arabic countries, they don't talk about the USA richly in terms of culture because some experts believe that the culture of USA is a mix of European and the migrants from various parts of the world.

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    Thank you friends for participating in this discussion. It became clear that it is not easy to precisely define or explain as to what exactly is culture though we have a general idea about it.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Sorry for late reply. But culture according to biology is a medium in which the organism grows. The culture is an environment in this case, allowing you to thrive. The culture of a nation is the environment of the nation that you are born in.
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    #633602 - Countries like ours are multicultural nations. The culture of Nagaland is much different than that of Gujarat.

    With the increasing globalisation even the cultural boundaries are melting away. The jeans and t-shirts or tops is emerging as a preferred dress across the globe. May be after a century or so, we will see mundu only in museums.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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