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    Should medical and academic profile be matched for fixing matrimonial alliances?

    Still many people in India believe in matching horoscope of the would be spouses for the purpose of fixing matrimonial alliances. I have nothing to say about such beliefs as it is a preferred choice of the individuals concerned.

    However, I have to add that matching certain factors like medical profile and academic profile may prove useful e.g. women having Rh negative factor have greater risks during pregnancy etc. Similarly for the purpose of transfusion, blood of same group is required. Also, in case both the parents are diabetic then there are much more chances of the baby becoming diabetic.

    Likewise matching academic profile is also likely to be useful from the point of compatibility of the would be couple.

    Should medical and academic profile be matched for fixing matrimonial alliances?
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    I am able to understand matching of medical profiles for marriage. But what is the academic profile. Do you mean equal education or similar education. I don't think this is very much important.Both the people should have a better understanding and adjustable mentality show that they can lead the life peacefully. If the girl and boy are from same culture there will not be any problem. If the husband prefers NV if the wife can't cook it, it is a problem. Similarly the wife likes NV the husband may not be able to bring it in case he is not NV. So food habits also should match. An adjustable mentality and understanding nature should match for both the parties is more important to have a better married life.
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    We need to consider only the Medical profile rather than Academic Profile. The person who marries the lady needs to understand and share the problems with her. Horoscopes are not needed when going for marriage alliances. There are people who still believe in horoscopes that it will affect their family badly. If the girl looks for horoscope profiles, definitely they will end in tragic situations which destructs the family values.
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    By matching academic profile, I meant a doctorate or a postgraduate should preferably not marry an illiterate girl.
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    I only believe in matching of hearts nothing else. Though Rh factor is important at the time of first delivery and every gynaecologist recommends test for the same. If Rh factors do not match there is not a problem. A very good and easy medical treatment is available for the same. I have observed that matching acedamic prfiles creats more problems. If both are highly educated there is a conflict and ago problem persists which adversely affect the development and growth of children.
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    Nowadays mostly the matches are fixed by the to be couples itself with their own classmates or job mates and hence the academic profile has become automatic. Since it has become automatic, the medical profile does not arise.

    However, while coming to matrimony fixation by elders with horoscopes, if the astrologer is good enough, he will even match this medical profile too, as I have a friend from the medical field used to say with some blood group will have an impact on some of the factors we are getting in the horoscope. In that way, we should appreciate our elders in their strong horoscope writing and matching. So I always feel, horoscope will say everything, only the interpretation by astrologers are sometimes going wrong(I am not saying all but there are some). Even here I believe, those who have done astrology with fair knowledge(not thorough) are doing not 100% perfect, and again it depends on our fate that we are showing to this kind of astrologers.

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    In our Brahmin Iyengar caste we go for 18 matching through the horoscopes of bride and groom and from that at least 12 must be matching , then only the next step can be thought off. In that process the medical and academic profiles are also seen and matched. But the brides side are facing a problem that if the daughter is well educated and even working, looking for the right alliance going to be difficult and some compromise has to be done. Nevertheless modern families are not caring about horoscopes and they simply like the looks of the girl and liking of the boy and thus fix marriage which wont last long.
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    According to me the over smartness like this in alliance fixing is the major havoc for many boys and girls are in the market without marriage. The two mentioned by the author are main reasons for disharmony or divorce or separation between the married. The both can be corrected later if the parties concerned plan well or even adjust themselves without ego with a motto of completing the marriage cycle.

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    If we were to match blood group, diabetes, hypertension in the parents of prospective brides and bridegroom, it would be difficult to find a prospective spouse's family without any illness.

    Instead, matching medical profile can be done with the marriage alliance is coming from within the family like first or second-degree cousins (marrying father's sister's daughter or mother's brother or his son). In such circumstances, it is prudent to go for genetic matching or counseling before going ahead with the marriage. This is to prevent the chances of miscarriage, children with sub-normal mental development etc.

    The academic profile is more of a subjective choice and should be left to the bride and bridegroom, if one of them feels insecure or has second thoughts about the spouse not have adequate qualifications, then, they can move on with their other searches but if they both have no issues, they academic profile matching would not be important.

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