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    Given the chance, which one thing of India’s history you would prefer to change?

    India has a glorious history. However, we all know that there is always a chance to add value to anything. That way we can say that there are few things in India's history, a change in which would have added more lustre to its golden history.

    I would have preferred to make Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel as the first Prime Minister of India instead of Jawaharlal Nehru.

    Given the chance, which one thing of India's history, you would prefer to change?
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    I prefer to change the division of India. I might have opted for Indian subcontinent as a one nation instead of three countries. I might have preferred Patel as first PM of India.
    If you come to the history of Andhra Pradesh. I might have abided division of AP into two states.

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    I prefer to change Caste Reservation System. With the huge percentage of weight to the caste reservation, it hurts the people who come under the General Quota. I prefer to make C AchuthaMenon as the first Prime Minister, as he comes from Kerala, he was the Chief Minister of Kerala for two terms.
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    If I would be given a chance I would change the reservation system of India. There should not be any reservation. I believe in the financial assistance of so-called lower section ( According to financial criteria, not caste system) but not in the jobs or promotion. If reservation should be allowed it should be allowed on the economic basis, not on the caste system.
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    As Dr. Rao felt for AP's division, people of TN always felt for some places to be included/excluded with there was separation from Madras state as TN, AP, and even some places of Kerala.

    As author felt for first PM, I always have to feel for CM of TN after Anna Durai's fatal, the then CM, MK as there are many problems of today faced by TN people are due to his visionary ideas only.(usually, vision is linked with positive but here in the negative sense only). Those who are strong in politics of the 70s might know about this fact. There was a leader who had an alliance with DMK for that election when Anna was CM, I would have felt after his demise, the CM would have been from alliance party, the great Rajaji(C Rajagopalachaiar). If he would have continued to rule the TN, TN would have flourished much more as there were many great visionary ideas presented in him.

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    If given a chance, I would like to remove the British rule in India which was for longer period, brought divide and rule policy and the Britishers were successful in creating rift between the Kings and they benefited a lot. History has many cruel behavior of Britishers against Indians and I want all those removed from the books and mentions. Then only our new generation can be taught to surge ahead with New India slogan and coin their own concept of living and let others to live.. And India should develop in such a way that after the so called super Powers, world must bow to the Indians at large.
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    #632374 - I think because of Britishers only we could get rid of comparatively more cruel and tyrannical Muslim rule. The Britishers acted as a buffer for transition from Muslim rule to independent India. Perhaps getting independence directly from Muslims was not possible.
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    I wouldn't prefer any changes in past even if offered.

    Something has happened & we have lived with the impacts as well so this doesn't mean anything to me anymore. Instead I would prefer to look out for any changes that I can do to my present circumstances & I have already working towards it.

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    If anything could have been changed in history, it would be the untimely death of Mahatma Gandhi and Subash Chandra Bose, both leaders in their own right, would have made immense contributions to our young Independent India. Their presence would have certainly changed the way our nation grew and was perceived by our neighbours and the world.

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