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    Media rather informative but confusing

    Media like television, newspapers are meant for being informative to public. Many people believes and trust the media as they are giving correct information to the possible extent, that too without any bias. But no media gives correct information to public but acting only as agents of political parties. Especially during bandh, strike etc., their news becomes a trouble to the public. Yesterday in Chennai newspapers released news as buses would not be operated due to bandh. By believing the news many (most of the working people from outskirt of the city)could not go for work. But the next day, that is today, there is a news that all govt. buses run as usual. How the management will treat this absence?
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    Yes you are right, the media is not behaving responsibly nor reporting the right news. Most of the media are having sides with one party or the other and their reporting and news contents would be on that line. Regarding bandh it must be understood by the public that as long as government is not taking part, the buses and normal life should be made to run normally. Though there may be stray incidents of arson, stone pelting and stopping of buses by opposition party workers, the police would ensure smooth function of activities immediately. I could see police ensuring bus passage at many places in Chennai.
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    The true principles for which media stood for has changed a lot, like many other aspects of our society. Present day media is dependent heavily or intimidated by powerful people and parties. Some of them have leanings towards a particular party or leaders.
    In situations like bandh, public services and transport are the key. For a bandh to be called successful, like should come to a standstill. If transport goes on regularly, then the disturbance is minimal. Hence, reports like no buses or trains are often just false rumors circulated by the smaller channels. In Bangalore, we get official releases from Government and statements in papers in the morning about what service is suspended, what are the alternative arrangements etc, this is very useful. Recently the schools also have an association and often they keep schools open during bandhs.

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    The electronic media and newspapers are acting like agents to a political party. In fact, many channels and newspapers in our country are owned by the politicians of some party or other. So the news will be always biased only. So we are losing confidence in this system in our country. Another problem with the journalists in some plays is blackmailing for getting favours from people. There are many journalists who go to the organisations and ask for some favour. By any chance, if the organisation is not able to accept his demand he will create an issue and publish in the paper or in their channel. So these days there are no ethics and principles for these media and they play all sorts of gimmicks. A paper against to government will say the bundh is successful and a paper which for the government will say the bundh is a failure. This type of problems we will face many times.
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    Yes, you are correct that the Medias publishes the news without having proper research on the concerned topic. They are giving the news in a rush manner for getting ratings for their channel. No one is responsible for the news which they produce in the televisions. When Bandh and strike happens, people need to know the availability of local transportation and it will be difficult if they do not get the news at the correct time. The government should pass a bill for penalizing such media for giving wrong news in the channel.
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    We are part of a world that moves around money so we are. Even we can't do justification to our behavior as well because of our interests involved therein.

    Almost every business houses in our country & beyond are involved in funding with the political parties & in this context the media remains no more unattached here. We are also aware about the news agencies & the various others news discussions which are influenced by some political parties. Whenever there is an election, media remains the major platform for campaigning so they remain biased.

    So what we got to do then?

    If we feel that we are a responsible person looking for the well being for the nation as a whole then we should use our own intelligence here. We need to have the maturity to the level that no one else can influence this. What the author has expressed his concern of today's world is obviously true & so we also can contribute to this by reaching out to others through social media platforms like Facebook etc.

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