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    What are your views about parallel reservation for orphans in the general category in Maharashtra?

    The Maharashtra Government has recently announced that there will be 1% reservation for orphans in government jobs and education. It is termed as parallel reservation which means that out of the total jobs available under the general category, 1% will be reserved only for orphans. The caste based reservations in the state has already reached 52% which will not get affected in any manner by the newly announced reservation for orphans. This move will help those orphans who are unaware of their caste or don't have any documentary proof regarding the same.

    The Chief Minister of Maharashtra had come across the case of a young woman who had passed the Maharashtra Public Services Commission (MPSC) examination and had secured sufficient marks to qualify in the reserved categories, but she had no caste certificate as she was an orphan.

    What are your views about parallel reservation for orphans in the general category in Maharashtra?
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    What I feel one percent reservation for the orphans through general category does not matter much as I understand there would be minimal presence of such candidate to be in the list of general category.
    K Mohan
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    Reservation exists in Indian with the concept of giving the underprivileged a better chance to succeed and be on par with the rest in the society. If this can happen, then, I think, it would also be the moral responsibility of the authorities to take care of orphans who are deprived of the love and support they get from families. Most of us would have got the guidance, counsel and financial support until we get a steady or a good paying job, this would be missed by the orphans unless they are adopted. In this case, it would be a good move although I'm not sure what is the correct percentage of reservation. It should be calculated based on actual figures that the state can get hold of. It should also exclude adopted orphans to the true needy orphans a better chance.

    The only downside is there would be other challenged groups who would demand reservation and ultimately the general quota will be reduced to 10-20% which in the real sense would be the new minority or new underprivileged group.

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    Why one percent reservation from the general category? Why not from the total? what I say is 1 % of the total can be given to orphans and the remaining 99% can be divided as per the reservation percentage. I am not against giving a separate treatment for Orphans but what is going to happen to the future of unreserved categories? Already many people are suffering without getting seats and jobs even though they are getting good marks and stand at the gate staring the people who are getting into the college even though their marks less and ranks are also very high.
    In fact, the caste-based system goes and reservation only to financially weaker section may be a better option. But who will implement this? As long as this vote politics are there, there is no way to improve further. We should congratulate Maharastra government for at least recognising the fate of these orphans.

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    1% percent reservation from the General Category does not matter much, because the Orphans who are getting educated are less in numbers. The government should Protect the Orphans and make them progress towards the growth of the country. There are lakhs of people who are in the Orphans and getting the education for them is a big task, as they need more help from the governments.
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    I think it is a good move and kind gesture from the Government of Maharastra to take care of the orphans. They are the underprivileged people in reality who need support and care of everyone. Coming to the quota system for them, I agree to the views offered by Dr.Rao. It is a simple political game plan to affect the prospects of a General category member and even 1% reservation also makes a lot of difference for an OC candidate to speed up his race to win it even in a fraction of seconds and such is the competition prevailing today. Here again the OC category is put to loss and the Govt. is afraid of touching the other category quota and makes it undisturbed.

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    I think in case no eligible orphan candidate is available, then the 1% quota posts earmarked for orphans will be filled by general category candidates only. However, the real challenge may be the legal definition of an orphan and documentary support required for establishing one being a genuine orphan.
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    Now the unscrupulous elements will fan out with ways and means to get the Orphan status and try to grab the seats. State government and officials must be strict on this.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We can justify this move of Maharashtra Government as orphan needs reservation for the development. But I am totally against the reservation on the caste base it should be removed so the persons of general category get their chances in government jobs and education. The government can provide financial assistance for the needy persons but in education and job reservation must be stopped for the betterment and development of India.
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