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    Is social media the root cause of many problems?

    A beautiful message is under circulation in the social media these days. It says that many things like the Muslims feeling unsafe in the country where they had lived since thousands of years, the Hindus suddenly feeling that the cows are being slaughtered everywhere, the dalits feeling that they are being insulted every moment or the rumours that all Punjabis take drugs, are the creation of media only.

    It says, don't watch news and debates on religion and stay away from the social media. Instead, look around your friends who belong to different religions, castes and communities. You will find that you are living in one of the best countries of the world.

    Is social media the root cause of many problems?
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    A very nice message. These news media has no news to telecast for 24 hours and hence they will try to give any small information available to them and show that as a very big issue. There political unemployees in every place and somehow they want to come into the limelight. These channels will catch hold of such people and start debates on the channel. The debate will have no relevance to the issue and the participants will somehow go on praising their top bosses so that the top boss will recognise them. it is a real-time waste to watch such programmes. Because of these channels, only small issues grow big and create a very negative impact on the people.
    So the real culprit is the news channels only. We should not waste our time in watching such programmes.

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    That is correct, I agree with the author. In spite of believing in practicality, we people go through the social media stuff, which is insane most of the times. We believe in equality of religions, yet we try to segregate all the religious and political views on the social media platforms. There is no need to dominate anyone, but in social media does this in terms of cracking jokes out of such things. Inspite of knowing what an impact it does create among all fellow human beings.
    Really sir, if we look around and see the bunch of friends and people we have in life, we can understand the reality and will not mislead ourselves. There is niceness and sincerity in people if we believe them. A really nice message I will say.

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    I agree with the author that news channels are not having sufficient news to telecast for one day. They will try to give few pieces of information related to people attacking Dalits, Sometimes the news will be fake but the majority of the people don't know this. They blindly follow the social media updates which cause big problems for other people. Even now the Dalits attacks are shown on every news channel and this leads to misuse of the news. When we go out from home we will understand what is happening in our locality, so we can give suggestions to them. Without having proper information never trust people who give fake news.
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    Media controls everything. The day Salman Khan was released from the jail, there was minute to minute coverage of the court proceedings and a battery of reporters were employed to cover at all strategic points at Jodhpur and later at Mumbai to cover his arrival at airport and at his house.

    Thus we can see that we are being fed by the media. Imagine the outcome when this powerful medium is used for creating awareness about various issues and imparting training and guidance to the society.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Just today, I got a big lengthy forward about the NPA being around 80% inherited from the previous government, I have not verified it but such news in social media and others about issues related to religion, celebrities, inter-state water disputes will certainly create more animosity among the general public. Based on the information shared in social media people would form their own opinions and engage in debates or arguments that would be very biased.

    Whenever there is violence in a particular area, the internet is immediately turned off. This is a fact that supports the thread, yes social media is one of the root causes of many problems. Imagine, if we turn off social media or make it pricey so that people who not just keep forwarding everything, then certainly most of the rumors and fake news would stop. Once we do, we can then use the same media to educate people about integration and communal harmony.

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