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    How rubbish should be managed outdoors?

    Many of us were conscientious about the importance and significance of cleanliness even before the launch of formal programs like Swachh Bharat Mission. However, while outdoors, e.g. during travels or on picnic with family, generally it was not possible to dispose of rubbish properly as the dustbins were not strategically located. Because of such reasons railway stations, bus stands, market areas and public parks were particularly littered.

    Let us discuss as to how rubbish should be managed outdoors? One option is to always carry a bag to put the waste material in the same for proper disposal after returning back to home. Is it practical? Should we keep the smaller pieces inside our pockets or handbags temporarily?
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    First of all the mindset of the people should get changed. They should always think that throwing rubbish on the roads is like making our house dirty. Then automatically the cleanliness will improve.
    In our native place which is a very small place where the surpunch implemented a very good scheme in the village so that you will not find any rubbish on the road. In every road, he arranged the dustbins and everyday morning some helpers of the Panchayat will come and remove the rubbish from there. All house people should pour the rubbish in those dustbins only. If anybody throws out the rubbish they have to pay penalty to the Panchayat. If there is any function in anyone's house the Surpunch will send a trolly with a big basket. All the waste from the function should be kept in that trolly and once it is filled, the village helpers will change the trolly.
    We have a small dustbin in our car. When we go out if any waste generates we will keep that rubbish in that after coming back we will put in the dustbin near our house.

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