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    Why there is lot of confusion between Courts and Govt. in implementation of Aadhar compulsory ?

    Aadhar implementation is always in the news. On one side BJP government is always forcing people to use Aadhar identity for everything even though this party opposed when UPA govt. is in rule. Courts also some times they are saying it is essential for citizens to link Aadhar for various things but sometimes it is giving a contradictory statements that it is not essential for everything. But meanwhile the govt. forcing the people to link Aadhar to everything. Yesterday Supreme court commented Aadhar is not the medicine for controlling all the corruptions and bank frauds. It questioned the Center, to find out few terrorists within the country is it necessary for the government to put 120 crore people in difficulty? Why this type of contradictory views coming from government and Courts which is confusing people?
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    There are many reasons for that. For example today I had been to renew my driving licence with RTA and for which they are want my 10th class memo to be proof for age and wont believe the date of birth written on Aadhaar card and which says that DOB is declared. We all know that at the time of Aadhaar filing, all documents are submitted and then only the final out put of Aadhaar card has been issued. If RTA wont agree the Aadhaar card as proof, then why the government is insisting Aadhaar card seeding for all purpose. That is why courts are also having second thoughts about Aadhaar.
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    It is true. There is a lot of confusion among the people also about this Aadhaar card. Sometimes they say it is a must. Again they say it is not required. The government is trying to enforce the Aadhaar card implementation everywhere.But the court sometimes supports this and sometimes they say why it is required. Finally, the citizen is a confused person. PAN, Voter ID and Aadhaarcard. All these cards have become essential. Nowadays they started asking multiple cards. Aadhaar is not considered as address proof. They ask another identity for the address.
    Finally what will be the position of this Aadhaar is still a confusion.

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    For every Government services we get, we need to have Aaadhaar Card compulsory. Central Government has imposed these problems to 120 crore Indians which makes them difficult to get into it. Recently supreme court asked to do a presentation in the court and they have mentioned that the Enrollment of Aaadhaar Cards is done through Indian software, but the Aaadhaar authentication process is done by a foreign agency. This is the main thing which Supreme court mentioned and it has been put in stay order. Now exact timeline is not mentioned, so it helps people to take some time to authenticate or enrolls for Aaadhaar Card.
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    We all discuss it and challenge it when it is made mandatory to link documents with Aadhar. But I find everyone is playing with it by insisting for Aadhar No. and proof and we are falling prey for it. Because we have no time to challenge, no patience to move here and there to complain and want to see somehow our work is done. Yes, it is the ground reality. if you stand as surety for a known friend say your relative or friend who applies for a loan, they will insist for for your Aadhar and PAN. If you open a Bank account for your child, you would be asked to produce Aadhar for the both. If l go on listing it, the instances would be more. Tell me where the Govt.made it mandatory to get Aadhar for all these purposes? Would you ask them on the spot? No, simply we will produce the same and see that our work is done.

    When it is made compulsory by the Govt, some PIL would be lodged and we all will try to find the shelter under it. This is what happening in this country today. The government also has not any specific stand on this. If Aadhar is linked to every purpose, I don't know why they hesitate to get it linked with Voter ID as someone asked earlier? I think 30th June is the deadline given now pending finalisation of the court orders.


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    There will be a slight difference of view and thoughts(why) between courts and the government because the governments in power try to take countermeasures(linking aadhaar cards) to existing problems (false identities etc) and the courts overseeing this decision ensures that the rights of people etc are not compromised. So, there will be some grey areas in the Government's decisions that the Court will pick up and finally, the most optimal solution will be arrived at.

    Another important fact is whatever policy or decision is taken, it also needs time to be implemented and more time to see whether it is successful or creates more problems. Due to this confusion related to aadhaar cards, most official transactions would keep insisting on aadhar card, it would take another year at least till we practically have a list of what is mandatory and what is not with regards to the aadhaar card.

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