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    Competition is a must for attaining excellence.

    When there is a competitor for us, we will always try hard to win over him. It is more so in our education and career. If there is a person who is almost scoring equally with you exists in your class, you will try hard and study hard to get more marks. If nobody is near to you on the score you will become contained and feel that you are the best. So you will never stretch your self to get more score. So there is a saying in Telugu that your education will improve if you have a competition.
    Similarly in the office also of there is another person who is equal to you in cader, the competition between both of you will give a result of very good performance which is good for the company. So I always believe that competition is a must for attaining excellence.
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    Yes, basically the difference between an average educational institution and an outstanding one, is the level of competition they offer. The same applies in the case of an organisation to work for also.

    In the campus of Stanford or Harward, there may be hundreds of first rank holders or gold medalists of various universities across the world found roaming here and there, whereas continuing in the same university for further education, a topper is more likely to become complacent than to evolve further.

    The outstanding level of education in IITs and IIMs is more due to the outstanding level of their students than anything else. I think even the levels of the faculty of such premier institutions gets evolved due to the level of students as they are required to quench the curiosity of the outstanding students.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes, it is correct that if we have competitors, we will work hard to achieve success. Staying best in our areas is needed in our changing world. Most of them need to change their way of living for achieving something in their life. Here in IndiaStudychannel, we have many contributors, but we can see that many of them are really active on this site and contributing to this site daily which is important to stay updated. This kind of activity level makes other members committed to working hard on this site for achieving success in the life. It is true that most of the well-known universities stand out from the crowd is due to the high performance of students studying in these institutions which makes them become great leaders.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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    Yes, Competition is there everywhere. Due to a Competition you practice hard and sharpen your skills. When you are already best at something and you need to compete with someone, you tend to put more efforts. And when you are at that highest level in the Competition,that feeling is so different. Some people want to achieve number 1 position but some want to settle with particular ranking or award. Now -a-days Competition is so much but it has also led to pressure of winning and increased stress. Even some parents are at the back of their Children. Sometimes it leads to pressure and tension. We have also heard about people taking steroids etc in order to increase their capabilities. Competition is just not about winning but about knowing one's calibre .While we practice there will surely be some stress or pressure but one should also not tend to overdo or take more stress which may have any adverse effects on health and one must always avoid inappropriate methods.

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    Having to perform in a competitive field will automatically ensure that the participants raise the bar themselves. Similarly, in life and in education, a healthy competition leads to a better performance and results. If there was no competition, then it would be the case of a frog in a well, being contented and happy thinking that the well is the only world. But when you expand your horizons and move around in competitive circles, then we become better than we were. The downside to this is an unhealthy competition or an uneven playing field makes it a one-sided game or an unfair game when people resort to unethical means to achieve success and a head start. lastly being competitive is just one aspect of life up to to a certain time and age.

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    For that matter in any field when there is no competition, there is no charm in progress and getting rewarded. What is the use of only player in the field and he has been adjudged as the best. In our life , in various fields, there must be health competition. Here competition between the two equally experts persons and not between a mean and well acquired knowledge person. The competition should be with fixed rules and regulations and there should not be prompting or favor shown to anyone. Let the competition be purely on merit basis and may the best person win based on talent and knowledge acquired.
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    Competition is the key to excel - there is no two opinions about that.

    It is very true that there should be an element of competition everywhere otherwise people will become lazy and careless but at the same time too much of competition is sometimes detrimental to some people as they can be discouraged by it and can even go sometimes under a bout of depression also.

    So in a populous society like India, sometimes competition harms some people and the parents or guides have to be particular about it.

    Knowledge is power.

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