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    I do not know whether my perception is right in this. Please share yours.

    Now for almost 10 days, I have travelled a lot in Chennai by all means of transport like Bus, Train, Share Auto and I have seen this situation everywhere. When I have told this to one of the people and thought of asking the same in this ISC, I found another thread on youth by Mohan when he referred to Bike ride of boys, whereas I am talking about youth but girls of which I have seen 1 out of 2 is going in this way only and when I see I got some feeling. I do not know whether it is scientifically right or not but I have told some girls.

    The scene is they cover the face with their dupatta (not religiously) and it looks peculiarly a type of mask where only eyes are seen and even the edge of dupatta is just below their lower eyelashes. I felt, by covering their faces may be due to sun heat(even in morning the heat is not much), but there is a need for Vitamin D too and of late, even in India, vitamin D deficiency is on the rise. Also, I have told them, by covering for sun heat or dust (even!) for protection, there may be a threat to eyes (the way in which they wink their eyes) that they are able to have a vision only with some particular angle while one has to use all its natural angle to see.

    Then I felt (with irritation too), I should not have told them, instead, I should have created a viral version and spread it either in Whatsapp or on youtube, then at least one or two may be benefitted but before that I would like to have an opinion from our members.
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    This can happen to all kind of people. When they go out for work, usually all of them cover their face to avoid dust particles affecting their body. Normally men's use helmets or simple type of mask, but for girls, I have seen they are covering their entire face to avoid these dust particles and most of the girls are worried about the skin. We need to get some sunlight which gives Vitamin D proteins. By avoiding this, the girls lack the protein content and they will face skin issues in their body. The best thing is to cover your nose with mask and avoid using the tight dress for covering your face. This can affect your driving and can lead to dangerous situations.
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    Your perception is right Mam. Most of the girls are doing this to protect their skin from pollution. Also, trying to protect them from sun rays. However, sun's radiations are very important for our body. I feel this can be done by taking sunlight for an hour at least sitting in the sun, or by simply walking on the terrace, to let sun rays fall upon the skin.
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    I don't think it's a big issue.
    While on two-wheeler, people would drive for around half an hour or more, depending on where they travel. Even men now use a hood or a kerchief to cover half of their face or wear a full face helmet, that exposes a little of the face above and below the eyes. Even men cover their heads with a cloth before wearing the helmet as the hairs become coarse and dull when it comes in contact with the nylon and foam that's inside the helmet.

    To get good vitamin D we need to practically have at least exposed arms and face to get the benefit and it's for two hours at least. People cover their entire faces to prevent tanning (darkening) of the skin apart from keeping the air pollution out.

    If we rationally think about keeping the face exposed, the risks (pollution and darkening of the skin) vs benefits ( a meager amount of sunlight falling on the face then many would choose to aviod the risks. With regards to not being able to see clearly, this happens even when we use a full face helmet, the right and left side field would be reduced at the edges.

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    This a practice in many parts of our country basically to protect oneself from dust, smog and other pollutants which affect the tender skin. Ladies of all ages are using big scarfs or dupattas for this purposes especially while riding two wheelers.

    Now this technique will have associated downsides and other issues like depriving oneself from crucial vitamin D etc but when it comes to fairness of skin people are ready to take any measures which apparently do not look harmful in other ways.

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    I think the girls are right and you are wrong. There is no harm if they protect their face while riding for few minutes or an hour. Vitamin D from the sunlight can be taken early in the morning from the time of sunrise. We get vitamin D from the morning sun, not the forenoon or midday or evening sun. The city is polluted with abnormal dust. Even the villages are polluted with dust. The nature has been spoiled. We don't breath clean air. I need to dust up my computer, and motorcycle and my Padmini very frequently.

    I have seen most of the Bangalore girls do this. Even while travelling in a bus, they hide their faces.

    What happens to those females who continuously wear a black veil?

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    Protecting their face has become must and a kind of fashion statement from the girls , otherwise they are teased for not having awareness on beauty care. Invariably I am also seeing girls covering their face fully just with two eyes open. If such is the fear of they getting dark due to exposure to sun, they should not venture at all. By the way our body must exposed to Sun, water, wind and nature , then only it get accustomed to the all vagaries of nature and it tones itself. By fearing too much on this the girls are covering the face with mask like clothes and in due course the rest of the place in the body would have different colors.
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    Yes, I agree with the author and I have also observed the same thing in my area which is very small. I think it is a universal problem. I came to know that there is a rule not drive with covering the face for minimising the crime but I observed most of the people drive with covering the face. Vitamin D is essential and prevents many dangerous diseases in our body. I belong to Bohra community where our woman almost covers total body by Rida the only face is displayed. So, to fulfil the need of vitamin D I force my wife to complete 8 tablets of vitamin D in a year.
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    While driving on a two wheeler, the women have to face the wind on their face. The more the speed of the two wheeler, the more will be the speed of wind caressing or stroking the face. Such a scenario is not encountered while travelling in a car, train, bus or even in an autorickshaw.

    The wind carries dust particles and other pollutants which gets deposited on the face of the lady travelling. In case make up is done, which is generally always the case, then due to the greasy nature of the face cream etc. used, the dust particles are likely to get coated on the face in a very thin layer.

    I think because of such obvious reasons, the women cover their face while travelling. Not only that they wear elbow length gloves also.

    Also, there is one more reason. They wish to prevent tanning of exposed skin.

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    I think this is a technique to protect their skin from the hot sun and to avoid pollution problem. I have also observed the same in these cities. As mentioned by the author there is a necessity of Vitamin D. For that in the morning before they start their work outside, they can get exposed to the Sun which will give them Vitamin D and there will not be any problem to the skin. These days the pollution in big cities is very high and causing a lot of concern to the citizens. To avoid such problem such protection measures are very much needed. That is why I see many ladies especially girls who travel by bus or local trains also cover their face completely with only eyes appearing and all other parts of the face are closed.
    But the ladies also while travelling should use their helmets to protect themselves from accidents.

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    Many of you have written about riding, whereas I have talked about a bus, train, share auto and even inside of it or walking on a road and I am very particular about winking of their eyes as I have watched very closely their winking style.

    Also as Dr.Rao said, they should wear helmet instead of this 'mask' while riding or when they travel as pavilion rider.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    K Mohan, you seem to have put forth some really outlandish theories in response #632434! It has nothing to do with fashion or fear of becoming "dark".

    I also beg to differ about the necessity of getting exposure to the sun for Vitamin D. This Vitamin is essential, yes, but getting it from the Sun at wrong hours is very harmful. Go and ask the Physician when it is ideal to get it, as the hours best for you may depend on other health issues.

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    Initially when girls used to wear mask people used to raise their eyebrows thinking why the girls are covering the faces like kind of terrorists. As time past people started understanding the reason of this mask,out of which many are discussed above in the thread. Generally girls step out in the morning to go to work. There is so much pollution in the air,smoke of vehicles,dust etc. Females are more conscious about their skin health as they have more sensitive skin as compared to males. Also I have seen some men on bike covering their faces to avoid dust etc. Thou we need Vitamin D but it is said that only early morning sunrise is beneficial and at other time of the day we need to save ourself from harmful ultraviolet rays.

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    In Delhi also, we see this trend. Other Members have given various reasons behind this phenomenon. Another reason is that these girls don't want their relatives or parents see them or recognize them when they move with their boyfriends.

    I know that this will also be termed as 'outlandish' but this true.

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    We are so made that if we continue to live the natural course then we don't find any abnormalities anywhere. The problems have come up because we are not chosen the natural path in order to carry our life.

    Since the time we wake up in the morning till the time we go back to bed & whatever we do in between is changed a lot. I am writing this as we are facing the time that we got petty issues like "Vitamin D". I mention this as "petty" as something is available free of cost to us but still many of us have got deficiency in that. The very good source of Vitamin D, can be absorbed in our body during morning time.

    Often I wonder about how our way of living has been effected. We call ourselves modernized wherein we are attracted towards different brands looking for packaged foods. We are well aware of the fact that packaged drinking water doesn't consists of natural ingredients. And so we goes on counting.

    The problem is that we are doing this to us while blaming others but how long this will go on.

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    #632451@Saroja: my reply applies to riding or travelling by the common means of transport.
    Why is the author very particular about the winking style or the eyes? I thought the discussion was on getting Vitamin D.

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    #632468 I am worried on both Vitamin D as well as eyes. Even members may try with tying of clothes very nearer to eyes and try of eye wink, it will be really straining.

    @Sun the mask I have mentioned is entirely different from the veil you have mentioned.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    It's a common sight nowadays in most of the city. Whatever may be the reason but we don't have control over others. Everyone live or act the way they feel convenient. I would not like to go into deep or looking it with microscope for the reason. Let them be happy whichever way they want to be.

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    It is a common feature and prevailing in many cities since a long time. I lived in Bangalore for sometime and in Pune during 2005-08 where I observed this as a regular feature. Funniest part was the girls used to cover their face at the beauty picnic spots like Nandi hills (a small hill staion) 45 K.m away from Bangalore. We can't intrude into the privacy of others but one can clearly establish the reason for hiding the face is not due to scientific reasons.

    But the present day generation I am sure are very cautious and of health concern and perhaps they are trying to protect themselves against the environmental hazards.


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