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    What is your choice in life, being Self-employed or Someone's Employee?

    Are you self employed or do you work under someone? Share your experience and your preference of one over the other.

    Most of us have to earn a living, we struggle hard to study, get good marks, do extra courses and join the race to get a suitable job.

    Most of us prefer a salaried job, working for someone else or in a big firm. The monthly pay is assured, life is more stable, we know that there is a cushion or a safety net. This enables one to plan the expenses, savings, and life in general.

    In contrast, a self-employed person has to literally work every day to earn his/her money. There is no assured money coming at the end of the month. No pay on national holidays or Sundays often. It is a challenge to organize the monthly commitments based on a variable income.

    So, would you prefer to be an employee for yourself or for someone else?
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    It purely depends on different factors. If you are having a family which is dependent on you, then you need to have a salaried job which is important for the family to survive. If you are just a student completed the degree, then you can go for higher studies, but in this case, we need to have money which will be dependable from the parents. A startup business is always a risk one and every people will not have same leadership qualities when we compared to them. At first, you must work in a company for few years, then only we will understand the situations in working in an organization. After getting few years experience, if we are still having a dream to start our own company it is a good idea. Self Business brings more value and fame and also we will always be disciplined in handling the money expenses.
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    There are many factors which will influence a decision on this issue.If the father is self-employed and established a business then his children can follow the suit. If the family is well established and you need not worry about your monthly income you can plan for a business which will take some time to establish and afterwards it starts giving very good returns. But if the monthly income is essential for the running of the family, the people prefer a job which will ensure some money every month. I personally feel if conditions favour it is always better to go for a self-employment scheme. It will develop the entrepreneurship and will give a chance to you to show means to others by providing jobs to win their bread, Initially it may be difficult for some time till you establish yourselves in the business but once you are established you need not worry about your future and your next generation can continue the way you have started.
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    It largely depends on the family background. Children of business families generally continue the family business. The next generation often diversify or at least modernise the family business. The business families often earn much more than the salaries persons.

    Likewise the children from service class people prefer to join a salaried job. Such people try to get the best possible types of jobs. IAS, IPS, PCS and such other Class I services are rated highly among service class people. Besides government jobs, there are rewarding services in the private sector also particularly in the field of computers, IT etc. these days.

    Other than above two possibilities, one may opt for the career of professionals like doctors, lawyers, CAs etc. Such people can continue their practice till they are able to perform their jobs ably unlike in the case of salaried jobs, in which one has to retire at fixed age.

    Self employment is always a better option but it is not everybody's cup of tea. One has to be outstandingly hard working, sincere and totally devoted to his/her venture.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Few becomes the millionaires even though they didn't have much in their life. But this remains the different scenario. One needs to be well focused with well planned approach in order to carry out into business. This is to be noted that finding a dream job is also not easy to get. This also needs the same.

    More often we are not the consistent players in our fields so most of us don't achieve what we have intended for. So choice between the depends upon the numbers of criteria. But if have got the resources then to few distance this becomes easy.

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    I am of the opinion that after completing the studies, we must explore possibilities of doing self business on own without the partners. Why because, we have immense talent within us and what we require that the plan of action thought should be implemented in reality. Firstly one should start with small investment and business and then expand. Marketing of various products, services, LIC agency, financial products agency, brokering for real estates and some of the self business one can attempt. But should not leave in huff and half for not getting business as one has to probe the incompetence first.
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    Many times the experience we have in life let's us decide whether we want to be self employed or work for other.
    There are many disadvantages of working for someone else. Since they pay you, you are expected to follow the norms set by them. Even for some genuine reasons you may not be able to take off or enjoy when you feel like8. Many a times the atmosphere makes one feel frustrated and you start hating your job. You wait for the salary after working hard for the whole month.
    Of course it has its own advantages too you get P. F. Bonus and other benefits, which you may not, in your own venture .
    Self employed is again challenging, here you have to put in your heart and soul to be successful.

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    I donot know cycling or driving. I used to go to office only by bus. my colleague engineer who usually comment on my bus travel, told me one day that my travelling by bus is good in one way as we can freely think our problems and plans which is not totally possible while driving.
    Similarly going to a job or doing own one are both good accordingly.

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