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    In the search of relaxation

    It was kids vacation time and both husband and wife were excited about the 3-4 days outing they had planned to a hill station. This time the couple had decided that they would not waste their vacation sitting at home like before and hence planned an outing to relax as they were tired of their routine life.

    Preparations started 2 days before their outing and it was quite hectic as they needed to make sure that they had packed everything they would need. They continuously kept thinking what all things they need to put. Soon they reached their outing destination after 6-7 hours of bus travel. They were exhausted and felt like resting for at least one day at the hotel. But they wondered, "We cannot afford to rest here as we have so much sightseeing to do and the schedule is tight. We have not spent so much money to come here to rest in the hotel room." Thinking this they spent time in listing down the sightseeing spots and completed all the sightseeing in 3 days. Soon it was time to return home. They reached their home back again after the long tiring journey and then did all the unpacking. House had to be cleaned as it had gathered dust. A complete day went in settling the things back.

    Finally, the couple sat facing each other with a relaxed mind as everything was over. Wife said,"For last 6 days we were continuously on the move without any time to rest." The husband replied, "Yes, our aim was to relax with this outing but do you call this relaxation? Don't you feel we were better off when we stayed at home?" Both nodded their head in realization.

    Above story is imaginary but its message is worth understanding. We search for relaxation out of the home in outings but does it truly gives us mental relaxation always? Sometimes staying at home and enjoying a good time with your family can be better than outings. Relaxation is more from within than outside.
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    It is relaxation comes from inside. We need not search and go after it. Simply staying back in the house and spending time with the kids and family will keep your mind relaxed. But many people think that we have to go out to have good relaxation. If we want to go out and relax we have to plan our trip in such a way we will not for site seeing, But we should plan it very leisurely and have only fixed hours outing and relaxation with the family in the lodge room. Otherwise, by the time you come back home, you feel tires more and you have to relax for sometime before you start your routine. As far as I am concerned I always get relaxed by staying back in the house for 3 or 4 days spending time with my family. I may go a nearby place with family in the evening or go for a movie with the family. I feel completely relaxed by this way.
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    Holidays can be stressful, most of the time like the author has mentioned is spent on what to do which is too much in one day. The idea of a holiday to relax is defeated from the airport itself in some cases. The practical difficulty is to balance the time, the number of places that can be seen and is it worthwhile ( for the time and money spent). To some, often it is like an ROI, return on investment, to make the best for the amount spent on the holidays.
    In our little experience, we find holidays with not more than 4-6 people, destinations that are closer to us, second visits are more relaxing and less stressful than a dash to a far-off land. While planning the itinerary, we need to give adequate time and reduce the number of attractions to see in a day. Reduce the excess baggage we carry around and aviod many detours on the way or back from the main holiday.

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    Visits to tourist places involve expenditures like travelling cost like bus/ train/ plane/ taxi fare, cost of accommodation like hotel/ guesthouse charges, daily breakfast/ lunch/ dinner/ other eatables cost, entry tickets/ local transport and miscellaneous expenditure etc. All such expenditure is to be calculated for all the visiting family members.

    Because of above mentioned expenditure involved people generally plan a very tight schedule i.e. to cover maximum places in minimum days and therefore don't get enough time to sleep and take rest. Due to such reasons sometimes children get sick spoiling the whole program.

    Thus instead of relaxation, people get tension.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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