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    The process of selection for government jobs should be video recorded.. SC says

    The selection process for various government posts should be video recorded, the Supreme Court says. This is required for selecting the candidates without any bias.This suggestion is given by SC in connection with a case related Meghalaya State. The SC has recommended CCTV arrangement in all centres of written test and interviews. An independent team of three members can view these recordings and a report can be made. That report can be kept on the concerned website. They say this exercise will bring down the chances of corruption in the selection of candidates for governemnt jobs.
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    I have not gone through the detailed news or the judgement but from the contents of the thread it appears that the main issue is cheating or copying in the written examination as a part of the selection process. Video recording proceedings of the written examinations is likely to enable the independent team to screen it and detect malpractices, if any.

    Government jobs are in very high demand because of many reasons including very good salary structure and job security. Therefore, all sorts of tactics are adopted to get few particular candidates selected in lieu of certain considerations.

    The central government had removed the process of personal interview in selection of Class III and Class IV posts to eliminate the chances of favoring certain candidates by the interview board.

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    If this is true, it is a good decision on paper within four walls. But imagine the situation in reality in the entire country. It would be a logistical and a legal nightmare of mammoth proportions.
    First take into account the number of steps in selection at least three or four. Then consider the lakhs of applicants for each job. Just last month, I remember close to 3 lakh people applying for just 750 peon grade jobs in MP. Then comes the cost incurred to get these cameras up and running. After all, that is the legal issue, how long would these tapes be stored, till what duration, a case from one of the disgruntled applicants be entertained, confidentiality, security and storage costs. So, we need to look into the details more closely.

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    Normally when it comes to filling of vacancies in government departments for various jobs, under hand dealings are the goings on and that is known factor to every one and the courts. That is why the court wants to have video proceedings of every interview for the various posts in government departments. If the proceedings are video recorded , there cannot be back door entry of candidates out of favor or bribing. Only the deserved candidates would get the job and that would be most transparency way of recruiting and widely accepted by the candidates applying for the government jobs.
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