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    The attitude of the speaker can't be explained.

    The parliament sessions are over.If we see the statistics of this session we can understand how much time is wasted.The budget session is for 29 days. In this 29 days, the Lok Sabha has worked for only 34 hours and 5 minutes. The time that is wasted during these sessions due to the protest of various MPs is about 127 hours 45 minutes. Total 5 bills only passed. Finance Bill 2018, Gratuity amendment bill are also included in the 5 bills that are passed. The productivity of parliament is very low this time. When a particular party MPs are coming to the well and trying to disrupt the proceedings why the speaker had not used the powers bestowed and seen that the sessions will go normally. Is she got influenced by the government and not interested any discussion on the no-confidence motion by opposition parties? Is this attitude of the speaker is correct?
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    I don't think we can blame the speaker for the mess. Just look at the unruly behaviour of the members, each group having their own vested interests and nothing concrete being done or allowed to be done. Can we just question need the no-confidence motion in the first place?

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