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    Once a sniper, always a sniper-Part-III

    (Continued from Once a sniper, always a sniper-Part-II)

    Everything is going on according to the plan. He reaches Dawki border in the afternoon, hides his bike, slowly climbs the hill with his wooden leg, finds a suitable place behind a large tree to sit and then settles there. He camouflages himself using the small plants and saplings-a technique which he learnt during his commando training. The camouflaging is necessary because he has planned to hunt a 'serao' (wild goat). Serao is a very intelligent but nervous animal. It has keen eyes and any small movement can make it extremely nervous. It would flee. Sitting comfortably in his hiding position, he carefully adjusts his sniper rifle. He adjusts the scope and loads the cartridges. He has brought only five cartridges with him. Cartridges are nowadays costly, especially the sniper rifle cartridges. But he has faith in his own ability. He knows that he is still a master sniper. He can still kill any living being even at a distance of 3000 meters, the maximum range of his new rifle, which he has himself built. So, five bullets would be more than sufficient for bagging an animal.

    Now he looks towards the surrounding forest. It is still silent except the occasional chirping of birds. Now he looks towards the Umngot river. The river is flowing silently. But suddenly he notices unusual movement at the other side of the river. There is some unusual movement at the Bangladeshi side of the border. He brings out his field glass and starts observing.

    What he observes makes him excited. Adrenaline starts flowing. He remembers his golden days in RR. He used to remain in the forward party of the QRT. He saw many such terrorist groups crossing into India from Pakistan. His party used to silently surround these terrorists and eliminate them. And as the sniper, he always drew the first blood. Now he observes that a group of 10-12 people is crossing Umngot river. Some of them carrying heavy load. There are two donkeys in the group. These two donkeys are also carrying heavy load.

    He takes a deep breath. He has finalized his course of action. Today again he will hunt the terrorists. Yes, there is no doubt that these men are terrorists. He can hear the familiar 'çlang', which can only be heard when weapons hit the stones. But unlike the earlier days, he will have to negotiate the terrorists all alone and he has only five bullets with him. But he is determined that he would stop these terrorists to carry their deadly load in India.

    He takes cover and trains his rifle.

    (......To be continued at Once a sniper, always a sniper-Part-IV)
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    The story is again described very clearly and well narrated. The brave man decided to attack the group of terrorists without even thinking about his artificial wooden legs and only 5 cartridges with him. really a great thinking and the decision should be appreciated. how he will curtail the terrorists is the point of interest. To know that we have to wait for his next post as next part of the thread from the author. Very interesting.
    always confident

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    A sniper rifle test beautifully transforms into a self-styled Robin hood like mission, the difference is not stealing for the poor but terminating terrorists for the motherland.

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