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    Politics makes strange equations

    Almost all of us know that the state has been burning. There was a terrible riot in Asansol-Raniganj when Ram Navami procession was attacked and bombed. Five people died due to violence and the state government, as usual, blamed the people who participated in the procession. But that was around ten days ago.

    During the violence, the chief minister was in Delhi and trying to forge an alliance among all self-seeking opposition parties against the ruling party in the center. She didn't visit the affected areas and didn't allow others to visit those areas.

    Now the process of filing nominations for the next Panchayat election is going on in the state. There has been unprecedented violence. The administration and police are mute spectators. The condition is so terrible that all the opposition parties in the state [BJP, Congress and CPI(M)] are forced to fight the violence unitedly. But the most astonishing aspect is that the Congress leader and lawyer, Abhishek Manu Singhvi is defending the state government when his party is fighting against state-sponsored terror with rival BJP.

    The equations being developed in the state of West Bengal are really unsolvable!
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    This is a fact. The equations in politics will change and sometimes the equations appear very astonishing. TDP and BJP are friends until yesterday. Today they are opposite. Very strong criticism is going between the two parties. This is never expected. We thought both the leaders are the gentleman. We don't know who is on the erring side. I may feel BJP is on erring side and some may feel TDP is not correct.
    Everywhere it is the situation. All opposition parties are fighting unitedly with the government in West Bengal. But one leader of Congress is supporting him. He may be having some insider hints for his self-progress from the other side. That may be the reason he has taken that stand. Self-gains and self-improvements play a vital role in the politics these days. It is a well-known fact.

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    Singhvi has been made a member of Rajya Sabha from West Bengal by the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC). So, he is supporting the party ignoring the plight of his own party-men suffering in the hands of TMC goons in the state. A strange situation!
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    Politicians are in fact opportunists and they will try to take the mileage out of all situations. They know the root cause of violence in any part of country and will find out how they or their party can be benefitted from that. They have only one principle and that is to win the election at any cost. It is a matter of life and death for them. They can go to any extent to achieve their political ambitions.

    The situation in West Bengal might be the handiwork of a few who are presently showing their selves as innocent ones but public is also not so stupid as to not understand the true story behind all this hangama.

    In politics, all equations are possible and new avenues are always explored by these people to somehow comeback in Govt and enjoy the throne.

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    I don't agree with the author in the way that this is "unsolvable". Instead we need to think the causes behind all these along with the best possible way to overcome this.

    In the first place we need to stop taking these as trends & have some carefully thinking, especially before making a decision or reaching out to a conclusion. Almost we are confident that these are just politically motivated so everything has been worked out for votes as the common people have their own busy life who earned for their daily needs & so don't have time for riots or damaging public properties.

    In the second place, be united to a common well being or for a nation as a whole. We are divided into caste, community, religion or other factors that few even interested that they belong to a particular state. The politics in India make out the use of these for their interest.

    So in a major part, its up to us to decide about how we intend for our betterment. Instead of blaming others we need to remind our responsibilities to ourselves only. If we work on these then we would be moving towards a better future or else just forget & try to get habituated.

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    Political parties always find major alliances with other parties to attain more strength and power. The people who have voted for them is really a jocker in this aspect. TDP and BJP were a big alliance where most of them work unitedly, no both parties have split and now TDP is against the BJP government. If the Chief Minister is not able to control the violence in the state, how can he rule a government? If the violence goes on, then the Governor needs to step in and must control the issue for the moment. You must keep Armed forces for the areas which are more vulnerable to such violent attacks. We have seen many Violent attacks earlier in almost all parts of the state. Recent Farmer issue made a big protest made Maharashtra state to stand still. Now attacks on Dalit's emerged more protest and violence in the country. The Government must take necessary action to withstand the violence from the state.
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    Mr. Maliackal: Please read the thread carefully. Here the issue is different. Mamata Banerjee-led TMC goons are resorting to violence against all opposition parties in the state including Congress. Congress is aligning with BJP, the second most powerful party in the state, to fight violence. But in the centre, the party leaders are supporting TMC.
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    In politics we always expect unexpected and in case of Congress it should act on expected lines but it choose to portray something else as Singhvi has been made a member of Rajya Sabha from West Bengal by the ruling Trinamool Congress and the Congress at the Center is more indebted to be cordial with Mamata at national level and when it comes to state violence, the Congress has no other go but to go on offensive against TMC as the violence goes unabated and the situation of no return. But the voters are watching the double standards of Congress and they will decide nicely.
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    This thread has been given reduced point. Perhaps if I would support the killing of Ram-bhakts, I would get more points. I am going to raise a thread in support of violence in various areas of West Bengal on Ram Navami processions by some peaceful people and supported by sicku-libu brigade, the members of which are definitely present in this platform.
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    The Governor of West Bengal, Mr.Keshri Nath Tripathi had visited the affected areas, had talks with police and the administrative officials.

    With regards to the politics, there would be strange alliances and at times different views within the same party. Any leader within a party, will first have a responsibility to the people of his constituency, then will the unsaid rule to toe the party line and the seniors within the party. Similarly, the view of a party would be slightly different from state to state and from situation to situation.

    For instance in the Karnataka elections both chief ministerial candidates of Congress and BJP have corruption charges hurled at them by various sections of people and the press. The BJP at the center had a strong anti-corruption view and implemented demonetization, but it has no other choice in Karnataka for the CM post apart from the same person accused of corruption big time.

    The TMC have met the home minister to express their displeasure at the Governor's house being used for meetings by BJP with the support of the Governor himself. To me, the alliance of CPI(M), BJP and Congress could be a trail run to see if they can stay united and for an united opposition for the next elections.

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    Mr. Tripathi, the Hon'ble Governor could visit the affected areas only after his third request, the first two were turned down by the communal, minority-appeasing State Government. After returning the Governor has written a hard-hitting letter to the State Government mentioning the failure to maintain law & order problem in the area and the state in general. No other political leader from any other party is allowed to visit the place. TMC leaders do not dare to visit the areas because people are simmering with rage.
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    When the state-level Congress leaders are protesting against the terrors unleashed by the TMC goons, when they are uniting with their arch-rival BJP cadres to get some respite from unabated violence unleashed by Mamata's hooligans, then Abhishek Manu Singhvi is praising her like anything. How do the West Bengal Congress leaders and workers feel now? No wonder, some of them are leaving the party and joining BJP.
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