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    Why health is called wealth?

    As all of us already know, that there is a famous saying - 'health is wealth'. Let us discuss and try to understand as to why health is called wealth.

    According to WHO definition, health is a 'state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity'.

    The above saying can be interpreted and understood in several ways e.g. one can say that if we are not healthy then wealth means nothing to us. The other person can say that for earning money we have to keep fit.

    However, it appears to me that there is much more hidden in this saying than the simplistic interpretations mentioned above.

    Why health is called wealth?
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    If your health is not good, you can't work hard and you can't earn money. If your health is not normal you have to spend money getting it cured. if your health is not good you can't be happy. A healthy man can do any work and show his calibre any way he likes. But a man who is ill can't do anything. So your life is to struggle only if your health is not good and you can't enjoy your life. Even you have money also you can't do anything to enjoy your life. Your moment will be restricted, your food will be restricted and your enjoyment will also get restricted automatically. That is why a healthy person is a wealthy person. He will have a chance to earn money, he will have a chance to work and excel and he can go anywhere and everywhere. So keeping all these facts in mind only the phrase Health is Wealth is coined.
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    "Health" can be defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.

    I hope that the above definition clarify the query & the doubt of the author in the most transparent way.

    In addition & for instance, If a doctor suggest not to go outside & command for complete rest then it doesn't matter to us about how much bank balance that we are carrying. Imagine that you are restricted to a certain eatables only. That you can't live as you intend to have your life to be.

    We only come to know the importance only the time we have lost the thing & "Health" is one of those priceless thing.

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    If you have health, you can work hard and can bring success to your life. If you are not having proper health, the people who are dependent on you will become helpless for the future progress of their life. Doctor's say that proper health is needed to attain successful goals in life and proper diet is also needed to achieve a lifelong career in their life. This is the main reason why Health is called as Wealth. Healthy people can have happiness and other's can't lead a happy life, so more care is needed to remain healthy throughout the life.
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    One definition of wealth is given as having plentiful supply of desirable things. It indicates that wealth doesn't means having money only.

    According to a Hindi proverb ' pahla sukh, nirogi kaya' - the first and foremost happiness is being healthy .
    Thus perhaps because of such reasons, health is said to be wealth.

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    One could argue the other way around that wealth is health, I mean, if one is wealthy, then they can hire the best nutritionist, trainers and have a tailored plan to stay fit and healthy. In case they fall sick, the wealthy can afford to get better treatment early.

    There are few in the world who shun wealth, most of us desire wealth even if it's in modest quantities are not. One can an invalid but inherit a huge amount of wealth from the family but such scenarios are not common. So in general terms for one to be wealthy, they need to be healthy to have a decent job and a chance at earning money. Once they start earning, they also need to be healthy to enjoy the benefits of being wealthy.
    So, to me both are inter-linked in the lives of people and often health is followed by wealth.

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    In Tamil, there is a saying' Suvar irunthal than siththiram' which means a picture need a wall inevitably. This is just to denote that the good health only important to lead a life peacefully. So, one should take him/herself care on his/her health. But the pity in the present days is many of us over concentrate in their health by seeing this and that, referring internet, hearing from others etc., by loosing their available health. For instance, a relative of mine with much concentration by seeing his other relatives got diabetic,reduces his sugar intake, avoiding his regular meals etc, and thereby he got low sugar and got admitted. Without proper chek up one should never take medicine or advice of others.

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