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    Mutts, Minorities and Members(of political parties) an unhealthy combination.

    With the election fever heating up in the state of Karnatka, politicians and party members have explored newer ways to get their share of votes and hence retain or come to power.

    Traditionally we have had minority appeasment policy by various parties. But now the trend has changed. It seems that politicians have taken a fancy to the Seers and Mutts. The CM of Karnataka, congress party president and members of congress along with Mr.Amit Shah, other BJP members have been laying down a path to these relgious places (Mutts) and meeting the respective seers.

    Are they really so naive that visiting the seers or religious heads of various castes will instantly transform into votes? Can these Seers be so easily convinced like celebrities to endorse their party choice? Minority appeasement is also along similar lines.
    Do you agree or disagree?
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    When we start a new work or when we want to do a special work it is customary to salute to elders in the house and start the work. This is to ensure that work will get completed without any hurdles and finally we will be successful in our endeavour. Probably the politicians these days are thinking that by going to seers they will wish them success and with those wishes, they will win the elections. But it is only a thought process of the politician. The fact may be different. The seers can never wish an unsuitable man to get success. Thay also knows what is required and qhat is not required. That is why they never advise or encourage voting for a favour.
    I have never heard a real seer advising his followers to support a particular party. But politicians will never leave any small chance also to take the advantage. So they do all gimmicks. But the voter should have his own mind to decide on the voting.

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    It is very clear that the BJP government wants to take power in almost all state. In the south, the BJP government was failing due to their money minded power politicians. Almost every minister in the BJP government is having some criminal cases and they are free to do what they need to withstand the power. Now BJP is trying to make alliances with religious people who are having more majority in the Karnataka State. They will buy power, either promising some positions in the government or by giving them back some policies which will utilize them.
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    Karnataka is being dotted with lots of Mutts and Matadhipathis who were instrumental in bringing Hindu culture to the farther more extent and the temples which are under various Mutts are not only religious but also having presence in Educational field. And by virtue of it the political leaders make beeline to the Mutts and seek the blessings of the Seers who are capable of influencing the voters towards a particular party during elections. That is why Congress President Rahul Gandhi, BJP President Amit Shah and other political heavy weights are queuing up at various Mutts and even Madarasas.

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    Minority appeasement and visiting churches, mosques and Gurdwaras before the election have been going on since early eighties. This was due to the belief that minorities vote en masse and Hindu votes are divided in caste and sub-caste lines. But thanks to BJP, the so called secular political parties are now forced to pay a token visit to the Hindu religious leaders and religious places.

    In a previous response (#632488), a Member has stated: 'It is very clear that the BJP government wants to take power in almost all state'. Is it objectionable? Which political party doesn't want that?

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    Siddaramaiah, who once never tired of saying he was an atheist, has been spotted at many temples in recent months. "I am also Hindu and I have Rama in my name," he has now declared famously. This is the success of BJP's politics. No political party can now totally ignore Hindus or mock the religious beliefs of Hindus and win elections.
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    Prior to BJP, no political party had experimented with appeasement of majority instead of minorities. So far all political parties concentrated on appeasing Muslims, Dalits and such other minorities.

    The majority class Hindu is divided and sub-divided in many groups and sub-groups. Now the other political parties including INC has learnt from the RSS backed BJP that the Hindu votes should not be taken for granted and this group should also be cajoled in one way or the other.

    I am afraid that in future the seers may start issuing 'fatwa' like directives or they themselves start thinking about joining politics.

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