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    Which option you choose to response to your insult?

    In our society we come across people where we exchange our ideas with others or in our workplace discuss with colleagues or argue political and social issues with friends and relatives and things like that.

    Many times, it so happens that the discussions go heated up and there are some occasions when we start fighting on the issue and unknowingly or knowingly hurt each other and sometimes even a particular person feels insulted.

    Different people react to insults differently. Some make it a point to revenge it by insulting the same person who hurt them while some prefer to absorb it and rather ignore it. There is one more category of people who keep it in mind for a long time and at an opportune time tell that person that he did a wrong thing and should not have done so.

    What is your take on that? How do you respond to hurting or insulting attacks by others on you?
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    This will completely be depending upon the person your are facing. If in comparison you find yourself stronger then even if you are on wrong side you may go ahead. Actually its up to you to decide.

    In a slightly different scenario when you are weak then you don't have a choice other then to remain calm & better shift to other topic.

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    In a discussion, it is always healthy to keep the arguments based on the point but not with the person. We should say your thinking is wrong but we should not say you are wrong. You may be different the other persons' view at this particular point but no him. At the same time, you may support the point of the person if you feel it is correct. So no one should take any remarks as personal remarks in such case there is no question of talking rubbish and making other's insulted.
    But as explained by the author sometimes the remarks will go personal and some people will get insulted. In such the reaction of the person will depend on his mentality. Some people act as if they have not understood the words of the other man. He will wait for a chance and during the course of the discussion, he will use own punch to reciprocate the insult he received.
    A person was standing near a shop of sweets. He stood for half an hour and about leave. The shop owner called him and asked him to pay money. The person asked why should I pay you money. The seller replied that from half an hour you are standing here and enjoying the flavour my sweets. Then the visitor asked him. How much. The seller told 50 paise. The visitor asked the vendor to stand and kept a 50 paise coin there and asked the owner to stand there for half an hour. Then he has taken away his 50 paise and started going back. The owner asked why are you taking away. He sais I enjoyed the flavour of your sweets for half an hour in reciprocation you have a vision of coin for half an hour. Levels are equal. So I am taking away my coin. The seller has no words to answer. This is the tit for the tat. some people reciprocate like this.

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    It purely depends upon the mood of the person and if he or she is in good mood, we can talk to them in happy and cheer manner. There are some people where it is difficult to adjust to persons, who do not care for the value of other people. This makes it difficult to digest with such persons. If a person is angry or making you angrier, the best thing is to remain silent and let him talk accordingly. Never get into such conversations, as it will make you more distracted at your workplace. When he or she finishes his talks, give him some advice not to get angry in a sudden manner. It will make worse in an organization where we are working on interacting with them. It can destroy the relationship between a manager and employee. Always keep in mind that be happy with people who are having a good thought in their mind.
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    A very practical thread and questions. There is a thin line between an intellectual argument and a veiled attack at you personally. As you interact more, you learn quickly when to realise that it is no more a discussion but a personal take on you. Earlier, I used to argue and make the person understand that what they have said is inappropriate. Now, I just move on, my time and my frame of mind is more valuable than the insinuating comments coming from narrow minded people. I stay strictly professional and interact as need basis.
    Surprisingly, the other side gets the message more clearly, that yes, I'm ignoring them completely because of their remarks or acquisitions. I then just move on, always keeping an open mind, if the person changes their behaviour and attitude, it's fine. If they continue their sarcasm and inappropriate comments, I mentally erase their names on my good people list.

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    A discussion should always be fair. If you cannot listen to the points of other then do not take part in any discussion. I always try to ignore my insult if happens in any discussion. I try to be calm most of the time. I am very high tempered so try to be as much calm as possible. Generally, I do not take revenge. If I found that a discussion is going out of the track I generally ignore that discussion and do not take part in the discussion. I have found that same thing has happened in the forum section of ISC and some good treads had been gone out of the track. I had not posted any response in that thread. Since I did not want to make the atmosphere more serious.
    So, it is always the best method to ignore if something is going out of the track or someone has insulted you.

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