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    What was the feeling when you owned a house ?

    Many of us are having own houses and are staying in it. Naturally there would have been a time when we were staying in a rented house or in the parental house. Generally when we get employed we start thinking about a place to stay in the neighbourhood of the working place. This interest doubles once the marriage is also over. Most of the people start planning to buy a small plot first. Next step will be constructing a house there.Very often a housing loan will be managed. Before that a house plan and the estimate etc. will be prepared and the necessary sanctions from different local Self Governments agencies collected. Such formalities consume lot of our time and leave from our office work. Finally the work starts and with in a couple or more months the construction almost completes.
    When we start staying there finally we feel like having won a very important rest in our life. We forget about the loan taken for the construction. Only after a month we start worrying about the monthly instalment of loan repayments. Very often after starting staying we start buying several household needs such as furniture, kitchen utensils including cooking gas facilities, fridge, washing machine etc. All these purchases add to our loan amount and we get forced to reduce our daily needs. However, whatever difficulty we face staying in own house increase our mental strength and the family tie up.
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    Building our own home is the really hectic task and also needs more money for the building. The cost of the materials are increasing day by day and for a family who is having a small budget cannot build such homes of their own. They need financial stability which is very important. If both Husband and Wife are working, they can put aside some savings where they can buy a plot or build a home in their own plots. Bank Loans are available for building the homes, but most of them do not calculate the interest which is needed to pay back after taking the loans. Usually, the Home Loan percentages are around 10 or 12 and if the family is not having sufficient amount, how can he build a home of their own?. We have seen that families pay most of their savings for building a home or buying a plot and they do not keep some money back which will be helpful for their future expenses.
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    To own our own home is the dream of everyone in this world. And every person do work daily for the same. it is very difficult to buy our own home at cities but easier to buy at village. Every person has dream to buy home at cities as the investment and after some years his money get doubled in cities. EPF has launched a project for its member who want home in different cities.
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    In everybody's life, the three important factors are to be fulfilled. The first one is to food to eat so that our hunger will be answered. The second one is clothes to give protection to our body and to keep privacy. The third one is a shelter to live in. Every human being will be always trying for these three items in the life. The first two points are continuous and we have to go on working for these items every day. But the third point is once a lifetime achievement. Once we have a house we need not worry about another one but we can keep on improvising on the facilities in the house.
    In our life, it is definitely an achievement to own a house. Many people suffer to have this. But the happiness we get out of it is very high and we feel really relaxed when we sleep in our own house. Initially, in Hyderabad, I have purchased an apartment but after staying in that apartment I have constructed an independent house and shifted. I have been staying at my house almost from last 12 years. I have disposed of my apartment.

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    It's Great, I must say. I never wanted to take loan and construct a house for me. I was not interested to pay interest for my house. I saved money for many years to construct a house in my village. I was successful. Now I own my dream house without any EMI to pay or worry to have sleepless nights. I thank the lord for providing me a room to stretch my legs peacefully.
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    Owning a house is a good thing nowadays when seeing the higher rentals. The only problem is we cannot modify later when our family got expanded. The another pity thing in owning a house which is mercilessly demolished by our sons later. For this a statement is being told by them is 'not repairable'. In this connection I would like to suggest such sons to update the house then and there in such a way to extend the life of the house. This is good for them to meet the cost in portions as well make the parents happy as their hardearned money utilized by the children well.

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    I can feel the difference very much now because I have sold my own Independent house only last month and living in rented house. Of course personal commitments made me to sell the house. It is really difficult to buy or construct a new Independent house these days. The cost is more, the availability of it wont be to our satisfaction yet we would venture to construct a house, no matter it is far from our works place, college and school, because we want a shade under one roof and that should be our sole ownership. Now I can dream of the house only my son or daughter would venture for it in future.
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    During the period 1979 to 2015 i.e. 36 long years, I stayed in rented houses at Indore, Mumbai, Guwahati, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai again, Nagpur, Bhopal, Nagpur again, Kolkata and Agra again. Therefore, I have a checkered history of staying in rented houses. During my stays at different cities, I often got tempted to buy a house in that city. Mumbai, Jaipur and Nagpur looked particularly attractive in this regard but somehow, I could not acquire a house in these cities.

    However, before retirement in the year 2015, I could acquire a house in my hometown Lucknow and shifted in my own house after retirement. Presently, I am staying in own house. When I shifted in my own house, it also looked like shifting to the next rented house.

    However, there is peace of mind in the sense that now no house owner approaches me for increase of rent annually though I have to pay property tax etc. annually.

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    Yes.In Tamil there is a saying,'veettaik katti paar, kalyanam panni paar' which means constructing a house and solemnizing a marriage are same as one can realize the difficulty only when doing personally.

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    After owning our first house (still, the EMI is on), I think I can answer this thread from experience. I grew up with the dream and believe that having our own home is the means that we have done something correctly in life. Having seen parents struggle to build their first and only home, it was even more special for us to have our first home recently.
    To be honest, it was more a sense of relief after all the stress and running around for the loan, getting the clearance etc. It took a while for the sense of achievement to sink in. It's two years now and at the end of the day, reaching home means coming back to something that is your's, that's a good feeling to end the day.

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