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    Wealth - Health - Character. Which one is the best?

    If Wealth is lost, Nothing is lost.
    If Health is lost, Something is lost.
    If Character is lost, Everything is lost.

    Do you agree? Please post your good views and comments .
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    The three things which you have mentioned here is really important in this changing world. We need health to stay focused and work hard to achieve goals in our life. Wealth is needed to progress and we need to meet expenses in the day to day life. The character is needed as many of them who are working in the organization will be of different nature. A good character builds a good relationship and thereby attains friends and makes it more healthy one.
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    Yes, I 100% agree with the order of priority the author mentioned in the post. One should give maximum importance to the character. Without that there is no meaning for life. Once you have a good character everything in your life will be in place. So everyone should build a good character and should not sacrifice the character for other worldly pleasures.
    Then comes health. Health is wealth. That is the discussion going on in another thread. Without health, you can't do anything in the life. So upkeep of health is very important. We should not lose our health for other issues in the life. A sound health will give you a happy mind. So be giving importance to health.
    Then comes the wealth. Money is important for living. But we should not go after it. we should be content with what we have and should spend a happy life. But these days many of the citizens are counting the greatness of a person with the wealth he posses. But in my opinion, wealth is important but not the only issue in the world.

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    If Wealth is lost, Nothing is lost. Yes it is the truth that wealth once lost can be earned again by hard wok and keep sincerity at its best. By having such attitude even those who have deceived may also turn as friends. And If Health is lost, Something is lost. It is really true that unless and until we are fit and healthy nothing can be thought and achieved and therefore keeping good health is foremost important. And I fully support the view that If Character is lost, Everything is lost. Because a person is gauged by the character and good persons are always preferred and demanded in every organisation. By good character one can bring back the lost wealth, control the health and and above all make a decent living without fear.
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    For us (the common people), the adage mentioned by Mr. SuN is correct. But for celebrities, it is opposite. For them, if wealth is lost, everything is lost. Because they purchase health and character with their wealth.
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    The author has cited the famous quote of Billy Graham, the famous American clergymen.

    Lost wealth can be regained by making efforts, therefore, it is said that 'if wealth is lost, nothing is lost'.

    Lost health can also be recovered to the possible extent with proper treatment and care and therefore it is said that 'if health is lost, something is lost'.

    Now comes the crucial part of the quote i.e. 'if character is lost, everything is lost'.

    However, perhaps the definition of character varies with the wealth of the person. A king having many wives and concubines retains his character though an average middle class person loses his character even if he stares another woman lasciviously.

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    I would agree with wealth and health. With regards to Character, i would say, it depends on the moral compass of the person. If the person has a skewed moral sense then for him or her character does not matter much, it is all down to personal gain of money or fame.

    Character is a sacre commodity now a days in our country. If we had a high regard for character, then we would not have the elite class scamsters who have looted bank after bank. If we had value for character, then we would not have errant people in every service sector who indulge in corruption, double standards and even play with the lives of the common public.

    It all not gloomy, there are still people who treasure character but suffer being failures socially and financially. For instance, an upright police officer or a IAS officer has to put up with transfer after transfer because of their honesty. A doctor who wants to be truthful and help patients would have to face many subtle attacks from within because he/she stands against the profits of the business model of healthcare. There would be many such examples.

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    Yes, I agree with the author character is the best. We want to make our children a good citizen. We always try to give good moral education since these things are necessary for the life. We try to be a good human which show your characters. The character is everything. A good person is always remembered even after his death and the rich person if not a good person will not be remembered. People only praised him on his face but after that, they will certainly tell the truth. Health is also important but next to the character.
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    The author has given the importance in the negative order. Character, health and wealth must be the order. However, it is just to comment on the importance of these three in the respective order. As already commented by most of the members character has to be considered as the one which everybody should have. Others will follow. But if the character is not there, it is of no use having wealth or health.
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    Few members have not given importance to character. A characterless person will not be loved and liked by all but only by the characterless person.Will we love a person who lost the character by going to jail for his wrong doings? Will we love a woman who lost her character by being a prostitute? Though an individual might enjoy life after losing their character with enough wealth and good health, but is not a life to lead in a society.
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    All of these are subjective. I am a man of good character but my health is deteriorating. So I would rather have health. What use does good character have if I die young?
    As a vice versa what good is a really long healthy life, if my character is annoying and downright harmful.

    And Sun, your definition of character is quite wrong. Character of a prostitute you say. An occupation does nothing to your character. Character is innate. You're born with it. What you change is personality. Not character.

    In fact Mahabharatha features few slokas sang by a prostitute.

    Well wealth can bring health easily. But wealth can mask your character.
    Here's the thing. Society doesn't care if we have wealth or health. Those are individual treasures. Society only cares about your character. Because to live socially your character must overlap with others.

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    Considering the present day society, my preferences will be health, wealth and character. Without good health it is not possible to earn money and enjoy the same. No one bothers much about the character as long as you have wealth. A person with good character may be recognized as good one but not respected as much as a wealthy person.
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    The thread should not be taken off track by selecting the comment made on prostitution and discussing that topic in this thread. Stick to the main topic of the thread, please.
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    Well said but I would also agree that everything matters as per the circumstances.

    In a professional environment the people negotiate with themselves while in the spiritual path people tend to chose the selfless path. Both are different.

    In few of the occasions, only money matters so we are not bound to think of a character but keeping the goal of maximum profits. Often we do show off even the time we do welfare activities.

    But after anything the important thing remains the IMAGE. People attitude towards you depends upon this so this in good condition.

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