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    Effective study method and system during revision holiday

    Know how to cope with exam studies during the holidays given for revising? Share your most useful tips and suggestions.

    Most of the students wait for the revision holiday to study. But they mess up with all the subjects, get tensed with time management and suffer from mood swings. Suggest ideas to avoid any sought of error for preparation for final exams and effective study along with the do's and don'ts during revision for exams. It could help students to not get depressed and cope with exam studies.
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    It is better to decide what is the topic you are good and what are the topics you won't get to understand.Try to concentrate more on those topics only. Divide the total time available according to the need of the subjects and try to adhere to that timetable. Don't get confused and go from one subject to another subject. One topic at a time should be the policy. By doing like this you will be able to do maximum justice to the study.
    If any topic is very difficult to understand don't waste time on that particular subject along. Go to other topics and complete the revision. Once you finish other subjects and still if you have some time you can study that topic. Otherwise, you can contact a senior or a teacher or a colleague and get the doubts cleared on that subject. Don't go for a combined study with students who are sharper than you or a=students who are very mild in grasping the subject.

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    What I advise every student is to revise every subject of every portion that has been taught on daily basis, and that would give you a broader idea of the subject, at least some outlines. Then when the preparation holidays are announced then go for full revision once again, this time it wont be that difficult as you already gone through the basics and have some idea. Thus it is in our hands as to how to make the reading the pleasure and writing the exams so easily without fuss and tension. And what ever being revised must be remembered and that should be the understanding level of any student.
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    The students need to study the topics on a daily basis, so they get ample amount of time for preparing for the major exams. When they put the course of study to the last point, it creates problems and they won't be able to remember anything on the day of the exam. At night it is advised to have a small meal and don't go for large meals which will be difficult for the studies at night. Make a friend and try to make combine study, so it will make it easy for studying the subjects in an easy manner. Try to study the subjects which are difficult for you and make a note of them, so that you will get remembered at the day of exams.
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