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    Never fall pray to the short cut method of earning ?

    As we participate and write more in the social media and internet, there are much chances that we are being disturbed by so many offers to earn money in quick way and even reasons and proofs are given in plenty. Even through ISC some promotions are being made often. But we should not give credence to such easy earning offers as they are mentioned to lure us to their fold and then make fool of us by stealing all the money kept in our bank account. So believe in yourself, trust your abilities and work for the self and earn.
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    I believe that any scheme or offer which yields more than 10% return annually is suspicious. Though there are genuine schemes like investment in stocks etc. which yield more than 10% but I never take interest in such options.

    As the saying goes, there is no shortcut to success. This applies in the case of earning money also. There is no shortcut to earn money legitimately though few unscrupulous person adopt shortcuts to amass wealth through illegal means like smuggling, bribes, human trafficking, gambling etc.

    I don't believe in lottery system also.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There is no website like Indiastudychannel which offers a legitimate way of earning money by working in our free time. Most of the websites ask for registration fee which is fraud way of looting money from our bank account. Don't fall prey to this and work hard to earn money.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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    Recently we heard about a scam in Bangalore where in Rahul Dravid,Prakash Padukone, Saina Nehwal fell victims along with 800 people lured with promises of faster rate and higher earnings. There are many buy calls places by stock market advisors, we hear of the success stories but there would be many people who would have lost their money in similar stock trade calls.

    Earning money ethically and legally is much harder, so some unscruplous people cash on this fact to lure common people with promises of easy pickings or doubling or tripling money. There are many ponzi schemes which trap people, many investment firms that offer huge returns.

    The problem is resisting the temptation of a chance to get rich quickly becomes too much for many people and after sometime many find out that they have lost what ever they had in the first place. The saying that, if it's too good to be true, then it's probably not true is very apt in such situations.

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    I fully agree with Mr. Kailash Kumar. We must be very suspicious to any scheme which gives a return/promises a return of more than 12% p.a. And if any investment avenue promises 20% p.a. return (forget about 50%), we must not even bother to read about such scheme. There is no shortcut to earning.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The number of such fake online companies is increasing day by day. As mentioned above by Natarajan we can come to know how these online websites attack people of all genres. As per my experience there are some mobile apps which give you money but as discussed in one of the thread,these apps get access to the data stored in our mobile. So it is our call to install these apps or not. But definitely they don't pay you the huge amount but pay like pocket money you might give to your children not more than 50 or 100 rs a month. They dont pay in bulk as they claim. One thing one should remember is if the company is asking for registration amount,it must be fake .Also the company at the time of registration or after registration if asks for bank account details along with ifsc code or the one which asks permission for automated deduction permission via PayPal etc may be fake. This should be the alerting signals to not to join such companies.

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    Many companies charge a free in the name of initial training. Such companies earn by charging training fee only. Other than that they have nothing to offer.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Money which comes from shortcuts will also go like that only. I was purchasing lottery tickets to get easy money. After many times purchase a got a prize money of Rs.500/-. I was very happy. Then the shopkeeper showed me some lottery tickets. I temped as usual and purchased tickets worth Rs.500/-. I have not received any money again. Then I realised that I should not think of easy money and I stopped purchasing the tickets further.
    We should earn our money with our own activity and work. That money only will stay with us. These days we see many adds offering very encouraging returns and all that. But without seeing the basics and other threats we should not go for investing in those instruments. 10 to12% return per annum is very reasonable and we should not be greedy and we should be careful in our investments.

    always confident

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    It is very true that there is no short cut to earning money and if anyone is offering lucrative returns it is definitely a bogus scheme.

    I remember that when I was in Chennai, there was a fashionable jewellery shop which was offering 24% interest on fixed deposits to anyone who was depositing more than Rs 10000 with them. Many people deposited money with them and some of them got their interest as well the principal amount back. The shop became famous and more people joined the scheme.

    After about 1-1/2 year one day when I was passing through that market I found that the jewellery shop was closed and police had sealed it for some investigation. I further came to know that the owner was arrested in connection with some illegal trade and some workers were absconding from the scene. There was a crowd of people assembled outside the shop to find the fate of their money given as deposit but there was no one to help or tell anything about it.

    So we should be careful of these thugs and cheats who are making fool of us.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes, I fully agree with the author. Whenever we visit any page on the internet first we find this type of advertisements which make us fool. Even we get text messages and email related to earn quick money in short period of time. We should never try this type of stupid things and believe in ourselves. Unfortunately, many youngsters have tried this and have lost a lot of money.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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