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    Why do they join politics?

    They are filthy rich. They are very popular among common masses. They are very influential. Almost all of them do possess almost everything except wisdom and political acumen. Then why do they join politics?

    I am talking about the film-stars. In the south, this trend has been visible since the seventies. In north India also, the film-stars join politics but in lesser number. Bengal was earlier free from these film-star-turned-politicians, but nowadays hordes of past and present film-stars are joining ruling TMC. They are becoming MPs and MLAs, don't contribute much either administratively or politically. On the contrary, they often embarrass their own parties by nonsensical comments.

    My question is: Why do these film-stars join politics? What do they expect to get by joining politics except brickbats?
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    Good question asked by the author. There is a inner feeling among the film stars in South to bring a change in the political system in Tamil Nadu as the state has been sandwiched between two dravidian parties and people are fed up with their corrupt practices every time and hence the two super stars of Tamil film Industry felt the need to cleanse the politics and bring a change so that people and voters would have the choice to elect new government of their choice and assert their right to get good governance and all these years that could not be possible because of powerful leadership at the helm
    K Mohan
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    But Mr. Mohan, in most of the cases their knowledge about India's (or about their own states') socio-political condition is abysmal. Glamour can't be successful everywhere.
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    Especially in the south, filmstars turned politicians has been a trend when government fails to keep the word with the people. When they get irritated by politicians who cannot rule properly will elect such filmstars to power. MGR has been a successful film star and he was the chief minister for certain period of time and he has succeeded in keeping the trust with the public. After MGR, Jayalalitha who was also a film star and then became Chief Minister by serving the people and introducing different welfare schemes to keep the support of the people. Jayalalitha is the person who has got immense support when she was in the period of jail term. She came to the Chief Minister post when MGR died and there was a political crisis at that time and she got power from the public people. That is the reason why the film stars are becoming politicians.
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    That is the advantage every actor has in TN. They wont participate in public protest nor raise issues of state interest in public forum and when election comes , every one gets ready to bring the "change". And poor Tamil Nadu people are having wide following of actors and each one has their own Rasigar Mandram, that means their own film Idol groups which keep on socializing the need of the actor to enter the politics. Same was happened with Vishal who even entered the electoral battle but was forced to withdraw or rejected citing irregularities in papers. Nevertheless more film personalities are going join politics soon.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    South Indian people are more hero-worshipping people. Many of them will be loving movies also. Many youths will have a favourite hero. If we go interior Andhra we will see many holdings of cinema heroes and the youth will be spending a lot of time in the promotion of these heroes. Over a period of time, the heroes may be getting old and new heroes will be coming on to the screens. So these seniors want to choose an alternative career to continue their life in public. I feel this is the aim of these heroes coming into politics. If we see the history many of the heroes we are coming to politics were almost at the fag end of their film career.
    I think this is the main reason for cinema actors coming to politics. By seeing the success of these people I think slowly the trend is coming into existence in the other parts of the country also.But one thing is true that some of these people done well to their states.

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    India is a democratic country and every one has the right to join politics. This applies to the people of cinema industry also. It is a misconception that cinema actors do not know anything about the country. They are wise to the facts about the country as much as anyone. They are well educated and they have their own opinions regarding the goings on in the country. They rarely come out and speak openly because it may affect their career. The popular cinema actors connect very well with the people and they are recognizable in the society unlike the others. If a political meeting and a function of a cinema celebrity are conducted near to each other, people will throng to the meeting of the film actor. The administration is carried out by the bureaucrats rather than the politicians themselves. The politicians are interested in their prospects and their party benefit only. Cinema actors can definitely do better in politics as anyone else. All the political parties are interested in attracting prominent actors into their party fold. No political party is an exception.
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    People make the film personalities politicians. First they make them stars and then super stars. Later when they grow older, the people make them political dignitary. People repay what they had received from the film personalities in the form of entertainment.

    People are common denominator for success of both the film personality and the politician. In the former case, they buy tickets and in the later case they cast their votes.

    As far as the film personalities themselves are concerned, they fall for joining politics as it enables them to continue to rule over masses, get security entourage and amass wealth.

    We should not forget 800 kg silver, 28 kg gold, 750 pairs of shoes, 10,500 sarees, 91 watches and other valuables recovered by CBI from Poes Garden residence of Jayalalitha in the year 1997.

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    Once you get name and fame, It is easy to get MP or MLA tickets. Apart from that here no one will ask your educational certificates nor your background. The political parties need seats and who can better secure them a win than movie stars? As far as the film stars are concerned, It's the best job they can do. First they act in screen and than real life. And both film and politics acting is what one required the most.

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    Deleted as duplicate.
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    ''This applies to the people of cinema industry also. It is a misconception that cinema actors do not know anything about the country.''- A funny incident in this context. Very recently, during the Rajya Sabha election voting in West Bengal, a very famous film actress turned MLA in West Bengal, was astonished and asked why the number of voters was so less! Shee expressed surprise that people weren't interested in voting. Some other politicians immediately took her inside to save her from embarrassment.
    The truly aware and knowledgeable actors, e.g., Soumitra Chattopadhyay, Dadasaheb Falke award winner and one of the best actors of the country, never joined active politics although he has received innumerable offers to do so.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The case of a single individual should not be considered while discussing a general topic. The film actors have money and fame in the society. They participate in many society welfare related activities. They are as good as any other individual in India to join politics. Some of the actors proved their worth and clout in the political field.
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    In South India, the film stars have a huge fan following. Not everyone can be versatile like Mr.Amitabh Bachan to keep getting roles and offers and be at the top, so at some stage, they decide to take a jump into politics to have a career. Many of these actors at the peak of their career have a good fan base, get involved in social causes and public service mostly via donating money through their fan associations. At some point, they are approached by the political parties to lend their support to the party in return for a ticket and a taste in politics.
    If not, they are angered against the inefficient government and led the people in an agitation and then come to power. Some are so used to the limelight and attention that they gel well in public office. I don't mind such actors as long as they are honest and upright even if they don't have the political acumen.

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    I think it is because -
    (1) It is a way to have an alternate lucrative career. It will continue to keep you in the spotlight even if you have faded out as an actor in the film industry & could even get you some monthly salary if you become an MLA.
    (2) It is simply a desire to have power.

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