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    Can dreams provide us answers?

    In our daily life many times it happens that we misplace something and cannot recall where to find it. Sometimes we are not able to think of solutions to our problems and fall short of ideas. We think that we know the solution but it does not come to our mind. It is said that answers to all these lie in our subconscious mind but when we are awake and busy we can seldom dig into our subconscious mind as our conscious mind dominates us.

    But when we sleep our subconscious mind takes over as a result of which many times we see dreams. We all know most of the times dreams are silly and unrealistic but I wonder can sometimes dream be intelligent and need-based? Can they provide us the answers to the questions which our conscious mind fails to provide?

    I am aware that there is something called lucid dreaming which means we can control our dreams as per our thoughts. It may be difficult to achieve though.

    Has anyone had similar kind of experience where they found answers to their problems in dreams?
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    An interesting topic to be discussed here because here author have discussed about the world which is not in awakening state but when we fall asleep. Many people don't give attention to dreams but there are few people who are serious about them. They think the dreams give you answer to your questions in the awakening life .I have heard elderly people discussing dreams and trying to find out the reason behind their dreams. Some believe these dreams may be for different reasons such as alerting you of forthcoming difficulties or telling you about some good fortune etc. As per researchers when we think more about some thing ,we get dreams relating to it. I have often seen people believing these dreams. You may not know but on internet you will find n number of websites discussing the different kinds of dreams. Now -a-days we discuss astrology but not dreams as we do not know to believe them or not .One can research on information available on internet for dreams and relate your dreams. The belief will then depend on your personal experience and if you really found the dream alerting you or telling you something.

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    What I feel that there cannot be lucid dreams or real going to happen dreams, when a person goes to the sleep , the most important event which occurred or gone through the day would linger in mind and that makes round even in the dream sequence and hence we get varied dream as if we have achieved a breakthrough, but in real we were actually coping up and pondering over the idea as to what to do. Dreams are happening to enjoy and forget and we cannot think or move forward. Though many people think of dreaming big and achieving, we cannot succeed even 10 percent of it. During my teens I had the liking for Sridevi actress , but that is simply a dream which cannot materialize nor achieved. Like wise we dream such things which are beyond our reach and still enjoy the sequence much to the enjoyment of our inner feelings and thus get satisfied for while for ourselves and nothing more than that.
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    Every person has dreams and it will be difficult to achieve it. Every person needs to have such dreams and we need to do our hard work in achieving such dreams in our life. People tend to focus more on style when they dream about a certain thing and most of the dreams are engaging in their mind when they fall asleep. I tend to have such dreams in my sleep and I have seen many wonderful dreams which are very difficult to achieve. I constantly do my hard work to achieve such dreams in my life.
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    There have been many theories and postulates to interpret dreams and psychologists claim that with the help of these methods one can explain the meaning of a particular dream sequence.

    The dreams are generally the reflections of our subconscious mind and will have mixed patterns of scenes, people and situations.

    It is very common to see distorted and overlapping scenes in the dream sequence. It is also believed that dreams are the manifestations of unsatisfied and yearning minds.

    Whatever be the reasons of a dream sequence, they are the most intriguing and mysterious things in our life.

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    Many times we will be thinking about some issues to find out a better solution. During this process, we may not be able to decide on the solution for such problem. When we go to sleep also our mind will be working subconscious and it will be continuing the thought process. During this process, an idea may shoot out. sometimes immediately this will come in our dreams. But sometimes it will not. So there are chances that we will find out the solutions to problems during sleep.
    One day I was working on a problem of Analytical Chemistry. But I am not able to come out with a satisfactory answer to my problem. In the night, as usual, I went for my sleep. All of a sudden around 2 AM I woke up from my sleep and my mind clearly got the idea of solving the problem. I have taken a pen and paper and I could complete the working within 15 minutes and again gone to sleep.

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    Dreams are the reflections of our thoughts, our fantasies, our unfulfilled wishes and yearnings.The more we want something badly, the more we dream about it because it takes us to a place that we like to be in the first place.
    Sometimes these dreams would be related to problems and issues that we face. There are instances wherein people recollect vivid dreams even down to the detail of the vehicle or the person who helped them or the place to go looking for answers etc.
    Being practical, it is extremely difficult to understand what the dream was about. There are many spiritual guides and experts who try to decipher the dreams of people and try to give it a shape and relate their past or future lives.So, dreams can give us answers but it would so far and few that not everyone would be benefitted from it.

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