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    Shame on the part of NDA government for waiving 2,41,000 crores of different banks ?

    Our blood gets boiled up and our BP raise to high to read the news and it is shame on the part of NDA government for waiving 2,41,000 crores of different banks ? It has been reported that Public sector banks have written off bad loans worth Rs 2.41 lakh crore between April 2014 and September 2017, and the NDA government has clearly admitted this fact in Rajya Sabha. That means those who are sure and know the knack of fooling and looting the bank through their hitech styles will continue to do so and we the ordinary citizens wont get meager loan that easily ? Damn with banking rules and regulations.
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    Yes, it is true that entire banking system is bad and needs to get revived. The BJP government are supporting the Bank frauds and we can see that such events take place continuously. Recently ICICI Bank Chandha Kochaar has been in the news for giving a loan waive of RS 3200 crores of the loan to Videocon. I don't know on What basis the company gets a loan from such banks. Her husband is under the lens of CBI and they have questioned them about getting any undisclosed benefits from Videocon. The entire banking system needs to get changed by the supervision of the RBI governor. If this case continues and when 2019 elections emerge, the banks will get into trouble for not reducing the NPA stress. We, public persons, are fooled by such incidents. When we go to the bank for a simple loan, they will ask you hundreds of different papers needed for getting a loan. The steps for getting loan needs to be reduced.
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    It is very true. We are earning by doing a lot of toils and earning money. We will pay the tax to the government to the last paise also without fail. That hard earned money is going waste like this into the hands of big people who are avoiding the payment of loans and accumulating money in foreign banks and going there without any notice, When we see this news we will feel embarrassed and sometimes we will be getting a feeling that why can't we also avoid payment of tax and go in disguise.
    The amount is so high every citizen will get perturbed. I think when they have crores of loans from banks there should be a system that their foreign trips should be with the permission of RBI or their passport should be with the banks and after taking an assurance from the owner in writing and with some collateral security only they should give their passport. Why the government is not thinking in these lines and seeing that the money will not get wasted.

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    Yesterday being a Sunday, at the weekly market, I saw many people carrying bags of vegetables, walking a long distance to the busstop. They could have easily taken an auto but they save a few hard earned ruppees by using public transport.

    The images of the people flash by me and I feel helpless about the irony, when people brave the sun and carry heavy bags to save a few rupees, we have criminals of the highest order who have swindled the banks and lead a luxiours life abroad, enjoying all the comfort funded by the Indian tax payers money.

    The entire banking system stinks, something tells me that we have not heard the last of the stench in the banking frauds. Rs 2.41 lakh crores is not a small money. Imagind what all it can fund in terms of education, healthcare for the poor etc.

    I wish the powerful media come together and day after day broadcast the people involved in each scam like the name and shame. IF this is done relentlessly for a couple of months, the entire nation would be aware of all the defaulters and there would be a public outcry to stop the funding and measures to speedily recover the dues.

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