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    “Keep your face towards the light and the shadows will fall behind you"

    This is a very good inspiring quote which I came across and hence shared here to debate and discuss. Many of us are afraid of our own shadow and wish that it should not accompany us every time. But this quote gives the idea to get rid of the shadow to different direction when we face the light the shadow would be behind us. Here what we get inspiration that leave the bad moments of live behind and surge ahead on seeing a light which would take you to different level. What is your take on this ?
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    Yes, It is a good post from the author. It is good to leave our bad moments in our life and try to find some spark from the negative thoughts so that you can be successful people. Try to read some good books which will help you to move ahead in your life and also in your career. When we get different examples from different people, we tend to change our way of living. Hence it will improve our bad moments and will be able to lead a successful life. When they do not have work, most of them go into their past moments which makes them depressed. It is advised to leave all your bad marks an try to achieve some goals in life.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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    What happens to our shadow in the dark. It is said that our shadow always accompany us wherever we go. But shadow is formed only when light falls on us. Is it so that our shadow also is an opportunist and follows us only when there is light.

    By facing light, we cannot get rid of our shadow. Ironically enough by facing light, we will invariably be followed by our shadow. To get rid of shadow completely, we will have to remain in dark, totally avoiding light.

    Is shadow that bad?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Shadows are inseparable .The shadows follow us wherever we go, I do not agree to the point that the shadows scare us. Although here the author personifies the shadow to a be a thing of the past, when the future is bright we leave the shadow behind. This is what I understand from the lines. It all depends on an individual how he takes things.
    I was reminded of a poem by R L Stevenson,The line are" I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,
    He is very like me from the heels up to the head, "
    Here a child is very happy to see his shadow grow and dimnish at different hours of the day, he becomes very playful with his shadow.
    The poem continues-
    "The funniest thing about him is the way he likes to grow....."
    Lastly the shadow vanishes on a day when the sun doesn't shine.
    Probably the poet too wants to convey the same in a positive way.

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    Shadow will always accompany us. But the only question is the direction will change. If the light is coming behind us the shadow will be in front of us. If the light is in front of us the shadow go back to us. The shadow will always be there with us. We can't separate it coming behind us. The shadow always follows us. The same way the good or the bad we do will always be with us and we may not be able to notice the same. But the fact is that whether it is visible or not it will be with you always. Similarly the resultant of your acts will be with us always. So keeping this fact in mind we should go for doing good only but not bad acts.
    We need not worry that the shadow is following us. The shadow is not a bad issue. It is good if you are good. If you are bad it will be bad only. so you should do good only and see that you need not get afraid of seeing your shadow.

    always confident

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    #632571 @Pramila,

    Your response impressed me a lot rather than the content of the thread. It doesn't mean that I am under-rating the original thread which has an immense meaning to read. Both the thread content and your response,if put together would be enough to understand what is life.


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    I think here the author wants to put forward a phrase which will motivate people who are stuck in past bad memories. Here he is just relating Shadow to bad memories ,not really describing Shadows or their moments. Whatever the explanation and thoughts of others but the title of the thread is doing it's work. Sometimes we try to motivate ourselves by so many methods but it does not work and sometimes just a phrase like this can motivate us. It is not telling us to put your memories that effect you at your back rather than walking along with them. Just like shadows are inseparable ,are our memories,good or bad. But we need to cherish good memories and walk in proper direction to carry on our responsibilities.

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    The beauty about shadows is that they are long and obvious at the begining and the end of the day but closer to noon, with sun on top of us technically there will not be a shadow.

    Similarly in life, shadows to me are the doubts and fears we generally have about a good job, money for family, a good life. These are the greatest when we start our family lives, once we well settled, these shadows are less like around noon time.
    In contrast, come our twilight years, the shadows start the lengthen, the only difference is at that point, we lose our fear for shadows because we have nothing much to lose. As the light and our lives fade and come to an end, the shadows too end. Blessed are those who learn how to live with their shadows and not dwell in it.

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