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    Does the act withdrawn by ministry of information technology must come into effect for hoax news.

    Indian journalist are passing fake information now a days.To avoid this ministry of information technology headed by Mrs.Smriti Irani gave a suggestion to impose strict act on journalist on generation of hoax news.By the arguement with opposition and journalist it has been withdrawn.In present journalist publish and participate in shows According to the political party which have been funded them.Are they misusing the power.Journalist must become a voice of public but they are stuck in a cyclone of funding and earning.The fake news generated is not taken to a strict act.
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    When Ministry of Technology which is headed by Ms. Smriti Irani made a suggestion to impose a ban on the journalist, but Prime Minister Modi has withdrawn such ban which hurts the independence of the Journalist. Without Journalist, we will not get any news from the public. A journalist reports the news and it comes on to the TV channels. The political parties will avoid such journalist to stay back in power.
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    I am actually for implementing the suggestion of Smriti Irani. Many political parties will have their own channels and newspapers. Those channels and newspapers will always publish news which is beneficial for his party and they spread news without confirming the truth which will help his party. At the same time, they try to publish incorrect news about the opposition parties. To put a stop to this the minister has suggested this. But PM has asked her to withdraw the same. It may be due to ti a thinking of hue and cry that may be developed by the opposition parties and news media.
    But journalists also should adopt some ethics and should not indulge in spreading fake news. They should always see that the news are correct only. They only we can say that they are doing justice to their profession.

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    @Manish Kunder: It is not the Ministry of Information Technology. Correct it to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. There is fake news everywhere. Instead of the government interfering, it is best left to the journalists and their associations to have self regulation. The interference by the government is likely cause more damage than control. The government may misuse such guidelines and harass the journalists who write against them. Let us not encourage or spread the fake news published by such media.
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    Press freedom, safety and freedom for journalist to present the news, wrong doings, injustice etc is crucial to the health of any democracy. This also plays a vital role in rating a country by international organisations. So, freedom of the press indirectly influences the global view of our country and has wide ramifications including trade and investments.

    Yes, there would be fake news, but this should be curbbed by a high level of accountability by the professionals themselves. Any intervention by the Government, even with good intentions can be viewed as 'gagging the press' like in dictatoral or authoroative regimens.

    Instead, the media should be educated and closely monitored ( this would be easy to weed out the repeat offenders) against spreading fake or incorrect facts. Everything has a supply and demand. If the public start ignoring the fake news, the demand and reputation of such journalists would fall leading to a fall in the fake news articles too.

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