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    Thanks to the cashless transaction!

    Are we really enjoying the benefits of cashless transactions? Whether our banking and commercial operative system have not completely geared up to help out the end user or the their customers? Or a Computer savoy is making a wrong foot by venturing to everything with his online bookings or plastic card usage? It is a serious doubt.

    Few days back I complained of double debiting of the amount from my account for operating Debit card in the POS machine while purchases and it took time for weeks to get it re-credited. Now, I faced another problem. Two days back I booked for refilling of my HP gas through my registered Telephone number and immediately I was prompted to utilise the facility of making payment online through Generally, I would be receiving the same within 6 hours of booking by paying the amount on delivery. Fortunately or unfortunately, I was working for ISC edits at 6.30 AM in the morning when my Tea used to be served at that time and we realised that the Cylinder completed its periodicity and the spare was also not got refilled. So, I booked it through tele-services mode and the prompt came and without wasting time, I paid the amount online.

    Now, the Tamasa started. For the last two days, I got a feel that I was staying in guest house though living in my own residence. No cooking work, everything from nearby restaurant. Yesterday the delivery boy was delivering a Cylinder to my neighbour and I enquired of it. His simple reply made me astonished. They didn't get the credit from their intermediary cash outlet, till then the same won't be delivered. Had I continued to used the facility of COD, I could have got it on the same day. This Sunday doesn't give us the hope of getting it delivered being a happy one for everyone.

    Of course, I have to wait till then saying thanks to the cashless transaction!
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    Online transactions are not always the best option. In many establishments like the consultation chambers of medical practitioners, payment in cash is still preferred as it helps in evasion of taxes.

    Similarity though the donations or offerings in temples in online mode has started but still people prefer to transact in cash only during such occasions. In US many illegal immigrants are working in various establishments unauthorisedly and therefore their wages are required to be paid in cash only.

    As far as delivery of LPG cylinder is concerned, it has always been problematic on one pretext or the other as there is always a shortage of cylinders. The LPG distributors are known to supply cylinders to commercial establishments like hotels and restaurants at a premium, letting the others to suffer.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    it is correct to some extent. Many times some problem or other will come during online transactions. Today morning I have gone to ATM to draw money. Money is there on the ATM. But it is not making any payment more than 4000 rupees. I am trying to draw 20,000/-. But the transaction is not taking place. When I enquired with the bank they were told only 100 rupees notes only are there in ATM. So we can't draw more than 4000/- Then I was forced to go to SBI which is working on Sunday and draw cash as it is an urgent requirement for me.
    Sometimes after money is deducted from the account during the online operations the amount will not be credited to the beneficiary and after 3 or 4 days it will come back to our account. Like this, we will be facing many problems during these online transactions. But fortunately, the differences are getting adjusted within a reasonable period of time.

    always confident

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    Though I agree to all the points and difficulties of cashless transaction and particularly online transaction via third party mode, but being a lady, on a lighter note, I wonder or could not understand why a person should stay like guest house as there are many facilities nowadays available as many are not even bothered about this gas cylinder. That is to say, now everything available in electric mode like Induction Stove, Electric Rice Cooker, Roti Maker, Dosa Maker, Vada Maker etc.,
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Though people would go ga ga over the cashless transactions, I still feel that India and Indians are no ready for cash free regime as most of the people are not used to nor have the cards for transaction. Now with more scams reported from banks, people are closing the bank accounts and would prefer keeping the salary coming in cash in their wallet and spend it wisely. There are some routine expenses on daily basis which cannot be given through cash less transactions for example, vegetable vendor, bus tickets, auto fares, and Kirana or provision stores. So cash transactions are going to stay.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The response of Mohan reminds me of a Tamil film by K.Bhagyaraj 'Darling, Darling, Darling' where his father (in early 80s) used to issue Cheque leaf to local day to day vegetable vendor when he go some big money.

    But during demonetization, many vendors have introduced to swipe machines but that has also vanished and cash only had come as a top mode among locals.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Online transactions have caught up the fancy of people in India and this field is mushrooming with great speed.

    Unfortunately there are subtle intricacies here and there which are baffling the gullible customer time and again.

    There are many finer points and anomalies which are creeping up in these transactions and service provider will simply tell that it is something in the system which is not matching. I feel we are still in the developing phase of this online movement and it will take considerable time to reach a near perfect solution to our problems.

    Knowledge is power.

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    At times, it takes time for the transaction to reflect on the end vendors' account. Still, there are some merchants who give a bill with cash discount rather than swiping a card for the purchases, they feel it takes time and liquid cash in hand is very useful for them. Maybe online transactions are good for big firms, consumer goods and purchases running into few thousands. The smaller payments would be better off in cash. Many ATMs are also short of cash in some parts of Bangalore and the reason given is shortage of change due to over withdrawal for election use.

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