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    Can India ever become a Ram Rajya?

    "Ram Rajya" is a concept where in all the people of the country are treated equally, live in peace and harmony. The peoples voice is heard and attended to. The present government wants to bring in Ram Rajya in our country. It is a good intention provided no religious bias is attached to it. We see violence, atrocities on women and children, clashes based on religious intolerance. In the name of the "God Sree Rama" communal clashes happened at few places in our country during Sree Rama Navami celebrations. Can we make India by just constructing a Ram Temple in Ayodhya? What we have to do to make India a Ram Rajya?
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    Unfortunately In India there is no place for the voice of the majority. When the people gave the mandate to the majority to a party to pursue and go ahead with Ram Rajya, others have the habit of poking and distract from doing so. By Ram Rajya one should not feel insecure and sulking. Every one would be given equal chance and would be heard. And before giving such a chance to establish Ram Rajya people have apprehension and doubts which is not correct. By the way it is the people to judge who are correct and who are needed to fulfill their wants and aspirations. And if the parties go wrong not following Ram Rajya they would and should be punished. For that one chance has to be given with full authority. And having the Ram temple at Ayodhya is the birth right of the Hindus and that has to be respected and given way to without any obstruction.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Ram Rajya is an Utopia. However, just for discussion sake, it can be said that China has more chances of achieving a stage of Ram Rajya compared to India. Some of the reasons in support of my point of view are listed below -

    1. It's economy is manifold healthier than India's. The Chinese goods have penetrated Indian markets and households to such an extent that we are not in a position to boycott it despite Doklam like issues.

    2. Facebook, WhatsApp etc. are banned in China.

    3. There is no term limit attached to the office of its top leader i.e. the President unlike in India where every five years elections are held wasting lot of public money.

    4. There is no caste based reservation system in admissions in educational institutions and in jobs in public sector in China.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Some people may think that Ram Rajya can be formed by ridiculing the religious belief of the majority community in the name of secularism and freedom of expression and banning the majority religious festivals completely to bring peace, harmony and equality in the country.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    No doubt many people talk about Ram Rajya in a healthy manner where one sees all people becoming happier and where people's opinions were heard .We should not forget it was only Ayodhya where it was Ram Rajya. It was not only due to Ram's way of ruling but also due to people having thoughts of respecting their king and keeping up the good image of their kingdom. India is a country with so many states and with such big population with different thought process of people .Now -a-days when we have modern thoughts, can we really follow the culture or rules people must have followed in Ram Rajya ? Women is still not safe where we hear the injustice done on them so many times. Is it not the responsibility of citizens to act right? The responsible person sitting on Prime Minister's or President's chair is not a God but a human being. And what about Sita's sacrifice .Ram also did injustice to himself where he had to abandon his only wife Sita during her pregnancy ?But was this decision right on part of a woman even after proving herself ? Wasn't it a injustice done on a woman in Ram Rajya ?

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    Ram Rajya is a utopian dream and I do not see any possibility of achieving it in India in near future.

    Only thing we can hope is with good leadership and good governance in our country we may inch forward to this most difficult goal. In this endeavour only Govt role will not be sufficient and until unless citizens join hand with Govt in all the nation building activity nothing positive is going to happen.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Ram Rajya is no doubt an Utopian dream. It is difficult to achieve it. I cannot understand why some people are trying to sell that Utopian dream to the public without even trying to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in the country. The best way to try is to leave party based politics and concentrate on peoples welfare based politics.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    It is only in a dream it can happen. With so many political parties with their main aim of getting into power without any thinking about the people, so many disparities between people in the name of reservations, Minorities so on and so forth. A single man in the country talked about the action of Rama and Rama sent pregnant Sita to the forest. That is the respect the rulers those days giving to the public. These days no leader is worried about the people. Today they promise many things for votes and after the voting is they will forget their promises very conveniently.
    So let us not expect any sort of such things in our country in the near future.ISRO may be successful in its Mars discovery and people from all countries may start travelling to MARS. They are possible. But Ramarajya in our country is not possible.

    always confident

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    It is difficult to attain when political parties need to get power and money and they are not interested in forming a Ram Rajya where people will have more voices and it hurts view of the parties. We can see that they are interested in giving advice to people and not able to give back what the people need in the life.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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    Ram Rajya was possible in the Treta Yuga. After the Treta Yuga and the Dwapar Yuga, we are now at the end of the Kali Yuga. Now, it may not be possible to live in the Ram Rajya. But the journey towards the Ram Rajya is necessary. The journey towards the goal would be immensely satisfying.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    What I feel, if a strong will power is there, and if the people vote the BJP and NDA to power again, surely there would be grand temple at Ayodhya and the that is beginning of Ram Rajya to be initiated with right earnest.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The idea of an ideal government differs from era to era. Ram Rajya speaks of an era where the civilization had just started. Since it was the beginning of civilization, the morals were abstract.
    You'll find these things too in a Ram Rajya:

    1. A rightful heir. A potential king, leaves the palace. Leaves his citizens. Forsakes his citizens to fulfil a word.
    Now you might counter that Rama was fulfilling a promise. But is a promise greater than your citizens.
    2. The same person who left his citizens for a word has now denounced his very wife for whom he fought the demons and traversed the country, hearing a rumor.
    Since when did the same Rama started putting citizens over the duties of a husband?
    3. One fine day a Brahmin wails that his baby has died in Rama Rajya. Rama, in disbelief that infanticide is possible in his empire assembled sages from all over his empire.
    They point out that a shudra was penancing in the Dandakaranya, which Shudras are denied of. Only Brahmins are allowed to penance.

    So, Rama beheads that shudra.
    4. Rishi Durvasa wants to meet the emperor Rama. Rama was conversing with Death (according to some mentions) and ordered Laxman not to let anyone in. But Durvasa threatened Laxmana if not let in, he'll curse the whole Ayodhya.

    Rama's decree was,"whoever interrupts me will be killed".
    Laxmana entered Rama's room to let him know that Durvasa wanted to enter his chambers. Since it was Laxmana who interrupts Rama , Rama ordered Laxman to die. So Laxman killed himself either by drowning in Sarayu or by beheading himself with his own sword.

    Above things are lesser known stories from Ramayana. The Ram Rajya wasn't flawless and no government is. When a government abides law and puts law above people, they are bound to pay heavy penalties like Rama.
    Rama Rajya wasn't meant to be idealized. It wasn't. The story. The epic itself thrives with irony. Rama isn't perfect despite being a God.
    He has committed grave mistakes in every part of his life. So stop idealizing Ram Rajya, because as people and civilsations change ideals of a government too.
    This is no 3000 BC. This is 2018.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Yes, India can become a Ram rajya even in 2018 and Kali yuga.Making India ram rajya doesn't mean that one community gets hatred and other feels insecure.India must come out of personal political agenda and think of welfare of people.when we speak of ram rajya it doesn't mean to harm any religion but just following and impling the ruling structure which was followed in Shri Ram dynasty. keeping side the facts of ram and his life story, mainly ram rajya refers to the development of all the people and religion.Since Hindus are majority in India they can practice thier tradition and cultivate views.Along with it maintaining religious Harmony is also important.And speaking on Ayodya ram Temple,it has to be built by providing Justice to both community, in history the temple was destroyed by Invader Baber and had built a mosque,at the time the people couldn't voice thier religious view since it was about life and death and now where there can express the Injustice happened to them in past the political parties are avoiding to maintain vote bank and creating such situation where the Hindu are becoming refugee of thier own land .More than community it is a fight of two belief system.The existence of Temple under the mosque has been surveyed by archeological team and has been proved. Ram rajya deals with fundamentals of improvement and overall development of citizen and it won't include any situation or life narrative of Lord ram.

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    Ram Rajya has many components which unfortunately cannot be implemented in this day and age. There are too many leaders and too many castes. With every major election more and more policies and grants are being given not to promote communal harmony but instead to keep it alive and burn more brightly.
    People are paid and prompted to indulge in verbal duels and physical violence. There are major problems with law and order, the banking system, the job front and the government health care system. But people in power are just allowing things to go on autopilot mode and just keep the interests of self and party first.
    What we need is instead of focussing on Ram Rajya, focus on only one thing, what's good for the country, then all will fall in place with no room for caste-based politics.

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