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    The best example of trust we get in Barber shop

    You hand over your life to a man who move a sharp blade around your neck. Isn't the best and honest example of trust we have in our daily life. True, a Barbar job is this and he get paid for it but again, one small cut and you are gone. Yet he make sure you come out without any wounds. The both person may not know each other so well but the trust on each other is what make this life beautiful and so it happens with this case too.

    There was an old joke - " a person whenever comes to a Barbar shop while saving, he always talks about cool weather, cool place and cool discussion. Once he was asked as why always talk about cool subjects? His reply was simple but logical. He says- in front of a person who hold your neck in one hand and hold a sharp blade in another, do you want me to discuss hot topic with him?

    Jokes apart but yes our life depend on trusting each other rather no matter where you are and what you do.
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    Yes barber is the most trusted person for us. For only that reason we wont go for any other shop but to the routine shop and insists to have the service from same person never mind even a long queue is there. By the way trust plays important role in every thing and here it is many steps ahead. And a barber is the epicenter of all the information concerned to that place. That is why the police would approach a barber for any clue or any information about the person they have in mind. And just cannot understand we too reveal all the things unmindful to him as if he is more close than anybody else.
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    Yes,though I am going to a same barbara shop slight alert thought will come when he put his knife on the neck. However we should appreciate their work devotion and perfection as they do their work with perseverance. A joke:Once Mulla Nazruddin gone to a barber shop. While cutting his right cheek a small cut incurred so the barber put some cotton and move to other side cheek. Mulla jovially told him,'this side cotton ok, you can put barley on the otherside'.

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    No arguments with the barber, especially he is holding a blade against our neck. If he says move right, we have to move right. If he says we left we have to move left. Whatever he says is the fact at that time.If he says KCR is the best we will also say KCR is the best. In my childhood, the barber used to come to our house and do the cutting. But these days we are going to the shops. We should have confidence him as it is his profession. Same is the case with a doctor. We go and stand before the doctor. Whatever he advises we will follow. If he asks us to go for a surgery we will go for it without any doubt on the efficiency of the doctor.
    So we have to do many acts with a lot of trust in our life. We will sit in an aeroplane with a confidence on the Pilot. We will get on a train with a good confidence on the driver. If that confidence is not there we can't do many works in the life.

    always confident

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    Imagine the job of a royal barber employed for shaving or cutting hairs of the king in the past. It is said that one or two trusted bodyguards of the king used to stand there with their swords drawn.

    Earlier in absence of social media like WhatsApp etc. the barber's shop, particularly in the villages, used to be the gossip and rumour exchange centres also.

    Regarding talking on various subjects at barber's shop, I remember having read that one barber used to narrate horror stories, the reason being the hairs of the customers used to get erected on hearing such stories making hair cutting comparatively easier.

    Apart from the sharp edge, there is danger of infection also in case blades etc. are not properly sterilised. Because of such reasons, the use of steel blades is gradually receding and laser clippers are being used in modern hair cutting saloons.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Ironically, this thread on trusting each other is difficult to be applied in India at present, let's just look around the threads in ISC itself, we trusted the bank officials but now have the huge NPA mess that runs in lakhs of crores. We trusted the policymakers, we have been hit by scam after scam. We trust the judiciary with the result be criminals go scot free. We trust the doctors with our lives and some of us get misled and undergo unnecessary tests or surgery.
    The recent train traveling 10Kms without an engine, the passengers trusted the railway staff. I can go on and on but the point I want to make is can we really trust each other implicitly. The bottom line is all of us want to trust the fence to safeguard our crops but sadly more often than not, the fence ends up eating the crop. This is very apt in our country.

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    Mr.Jeet Singh you meant Barber, just a typo error (Barbar) in your thread.

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    Thank you Natarajan, I am travelling a lot in this month so using my android phone to type. It happens when your auto correction create another word out of no where. However, it was my mistake that I didn't check it. I am going to correct it now. Thanks again for pointing out the mistakes.

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    It's about how we look to a certain entity in our life.

    In here we don't find any objective of killing as well as of mercy on either side. This remains the need of the hour. In a different scenario if the customer goes to a slaughter house & then we are evident of such thing then the same could be taken as the beauty of life. But as this is not the case so just a pure perception but still good.

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