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    What are all the gimmicks you have enjoyed in FB.

    Though Whatsapp/instagram has taken the place of Facebook but still some percentage of members also enjoy posting in FB. To retain and have more page views, FB also doing many gimmicks for members who have account like memory between the two friends, FB Live etc., Out of many recently I am fascinated with number of likes it has counted together and showed me a message that I too have so much friends and I got likes of some numbers put together for my recent more likes with another post created very long back with more likes.

    So members you may also share with such interesting things you have enjoyed in FB. Also I used to link many urls from ISC via messenger to many of my near and dears.
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    What attracts me through Facebook that it brings the memories of our post shared last year on same day. That means they are having each and every post as the copy and they do keep on reminding us the moments. Some times we too forget the things shared by us. And the congrats messages when sent would go up with balloons is something which I liked very much. But what I do not like is getting the information about some one discussing about some one to whom we might have commented. That is not required for us and if Facebook takes care of this, we can reduce the incoming messages to much extent.
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    Yes Mohan that is a point, others need not get notification in this regard.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    The experience on Facebook is different. This social site makes a video of our year with many events which took place in the year by the photos we have posted and send to us for our view. Really we will get thrilled to see that video which will show various important moments of us during the year. It will be happening every year almost from last six years to me. It is also sending Birthday remainders of our friends so that we can send the best wishes to them.Similarly, it will be sending us many reminders regarding our past life and it will be reminding us our past good moments to relish. Similarly, we have many special features which we can't have in any other social sites. Either Instagram or WhatsApp what we will see is the interaction between the members only but no interaction with the organisers. But in Facebook, we will have interaction with the organisers.
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    WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger etc. are now subsidiaries of Facebook.

    Recently, in the month of December, 2017, I got an opportunity to visit Facebook Headquarter at Menlo Park, California, USA. I am attaching one of my photographs also taken there. I came to know there that they provide all meals i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner also in applicable cases, free of cost to all of their employees. We also enjoyed lunch there. The desserts section was particularly tempting. It was like the big star category hotel with hundreds of persons enjoying their meals in a very congenial atmosphere.

    The other feature of Facebook which I enjoy is my page named - Jai Ganesh ( As of now it has 185,954 followers solely due to organic growth.
    Also, I am connected to few ISCians on Facebook also.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The feature on the Facebook which I like is the memory which they reproduce and share that experience with us. After one year they are showing us the memories which we had with our friends and families. Facebook is now getting it hard to maintain people on the page. The recent controversies have made a big loss for the company and they are updating some features which help the people to stay happy with the Facebook.
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    Yes, I enjoy sharing different things on FaceBook. FB is really a good social media though some people use this media for wrong purposes but if we want we can use this media as a very good source of information. Facebook daily inform us memory, generate video, like, dislike, different interesting apps on Facebook, comments of friends and relatives, etc are enjoyable. I open Facebook couple of times in a day.
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    Wow that is good @Kailash. It will be a pleasurable experience when we see physically what ever we had in our imagination.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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